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Tiny teen Violet Little is a horny young mom that loves to fuck in public and when her friend Richard Nailder suggested that she go to Garden Of The Gods with us she jumped at the chance. The little teen mom didn’t hesitate taking her clothes off despite the people watching from the trail above her. This didn’t stop the small young mom from letting her older friend play with her large natural hooters and suck on her swollen nipples.

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Violet Little In Garden Of The Gods

But the little brown haired harlot wanted more than just having her hooters played with, small Violet loves to suck schlong and she wanted to suck the bejesus out of her friend before she let him slam his thick schlong deep in her little teen cunt Of course, fitting all of his fat schlong in her mouth was proving a bit nearly impossible but this little teen mom managed to get most of the old man’s schlong in her mouth as the onlookers watched.

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Violet Little Sucks Cock

For those of you that have watched this cute teenage mom fuck before, you know that Violet Little loves to fuck – and just because a few people are watching isn’t a good enough reason to sacrifice a good fuck so the little teen mom bent over and took the older man’s schlong deep in her tight little teen cunt.

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Fucking little teen Mom Violet Little

You can see more of Violet Little by visiting any one of the three Glass Mannequin Productions sites: Real Colorado Girls, Glass Mannequin or Bring Me Your Sister.

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Alex and I were doing another fuckumentary in the nearby campus. We scouted every corner of the campus till we saw a hot amateur sex blonde coed. She was slumped on the stairs and looked sad. I went ahead with the camera rolling. I introduced myself as well as Alex. Her name was Nikki Grind. She was a native of Oklahoma. Well, she’s fucking far from her folks. Worse than that she got no books or allowance. What a pity! I told her I was giving away a scholarship for broke coeds like her. Nikki lit up a bit and asked for the requirements. I pointed to her pussy. She was shocked but in the end she fell to my trap. We bounced back to the studio and I gave Alex the floor. He stripped her tank top, skirt and undies right away. She took a mouthful of his fat club until Alex was ready to fuck the shit of this blonde coed. DOWNLOAD the full movie of Nikki Grind ONLY at
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Welcome to my Neighborhood. First let me say that It’s good to be Mister Richard ;-) – and it’s exceptional to be Mr Richard when the neighbor hood is as skankalicious as his is.

It wasn’t too long ago that Holie and Meysha were playing in Mister Richard’s hot tub. When Mister Richard came out and caught them being a tad naughty, Mister Richard decided to join them. Holie was ready for a little dick but poor little Meysha had that deer-in-the-headlight look as she watched. Since it was obvious that not all the coeds in the neighborhood are ready to be porno stars, Mister Richard handed Meysha a camera and let her video him fucking her best friend Holie.

Meysha stayed nervous – and it didn’t help any that skinny Holie likes to be fucked HARD! And of course Mister Richard obliged her. So pay attention now and see how Mister Richard slides his dick into Holie’s tight little pussy. Then watch carefully as he hammers her hard as her girlfriend watches – Mister Richard is a sick fucker – he likes to fuck coeds hard and fast – tell Mister Richard that he’s been a bad boy……… Tell Mister Richard that YOU want to be his neighbor!

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Mister Richard put the entire scene of him fucking Holie on his website for your viewing pleasure – be sure to check it out – and don’t forget the lube – you don’t want to get blisters on your tender little erection.

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Sexy Wet TeenWet Teen Pussy

Holly shit – filming this horny teen slut in the hot tub was an experience. When I mentioned to Anistaija that I wanted to film her in my new hot tub, she grabbed the Glass Mannequin vibrator and starting stripping her clothes off. Anistaija is a super-sexy hard-bodied teen cunt that will fuck just about anything and I’m not one to pass up on the opportunity to film this sexy teen cunt stuffing things into her wet teen snatch.

I quickly grabbed a shoot camera and headed out to the tub and proceeded to film this teen slut as she started working the glass vibrator in and out of her tight little cunt. She then climbed up on the fountain and let the streaming water massage her hard clitoris as she fucked herself with the glass dildo. Her little coochy is so fucking tight that you can see it snap shut as she slides the glass mannequin vibrator out of her snatch – like a fucking rubber-band.

The little cunt had at least three orgasms before deciding that she had had enough. If you enjoy female masturbation videos, this is a must-see; hot wet teen snatch being busted wide open.

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One of the best things about Mr Richard’s Neighborhood is all the errant teenagers that flash their shaved little coochies for his camera and the latest perverted teenager to spread her legs, pull her thong aside and rub her fat teenager clitoris with a toy is the hard-bodied teenager tramp Kaydence Skye. In her first masturbation movie ever, this tattooed and pierced redhead teenager spreads her superb teenager muffin and goes to town with a tiny vibrating vibrator. When I first met Kaydence, she was a cheerleader in High School and when we shot this masturbation movie she still had her braces on so if cheerleaders in braces turn you on then you should check out all the scenes of Kaydence on Glass Mannequin. She can also be seen on Bring Me Your Sister – and for a small time only, you get a full membership to both amateur sex smut sites for the price of one – and I’ll even throw in a free bonus site just because I can.

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Kaydence Skye Pleasures Herself

To see more of Kaydence be sure to sign up for Glass Mannequin today.

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Anistaija had only done a few naked photo sets when she did this solo masturbation movie for Glass Mannequin. Although the Colorado native had little experience with dildos, she managed to stuff this blue vibrator deep in her teenager cunt, letting the vibrating end of the double-ended sex-toy gently rub on her puffy clitoris as the main shaft penetrated her puffy coochie. Anistaija has more sexual energy than most teenagers and it shows in her films and pictures.

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Anistaija Stuffs A Blue sextoy In Her Shaved teenager Cunt

If you like hard-bodied coeds with shaved twats and pierced nipples, then you should check out all the pictures of Anistaija on Glass Mannequin today.

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Anistaija stopped by with her friend and wanted to try anal sex for the first time but she wanted me to shoot it so her and her boyfriend could go place and watch it. I think poor little  Anistaija should have picked a guy with a smaller erection for her first anal sex but she did manager to take all of her boyfriends erection up the pooper. I gave the kids a copy of their first anal sex video and kept a copy for myself – you can see the entire amateur sex video on Glass Mannequin.

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Petite teenager cheerleader Kaydence Skye is in all reality a devious little bitch that will fuck just about anyone to get what she wants.  This high school cheerleader’s entire smut experience  started when she fucked her brother’s tattoo artist. Seems she broke the guy’s heart and he refused to finish her brother’s tattoos. He wanted retaliation so he brought her to the guys at Bring Me Your Sister. He knew she would fuck to get what she wanted – but he wasn’t sure that she would let her brother shoot her fucking – but as you can see – the little teenager bitch will fuck anyone to get what she wants.

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It’s not often that you find a dwarf high school cheerleader with such a firm teenager butt but when you do, you grab her brother, hand him a camera,  put her butt in the air and ram your meat as deep as you can in her itty bitty teenager cunt. Then you post the amateur sex video clip on the internet for everyone to enjoy. You can enjoy the full-length video clip of this hot teenager cheerleader by joining Bring Me Your Sister today.

If you hunger for to see the last two videos of this teenager cheerleader fucking a guy 30 years older than her, you can bookmark this site and I’ll post them for your enmjoyment pleasure – or you can visit Bring Me Your Sister today and download the entire high-quality video clip for your continued enjoyment (that means you can wank to it all you hunger for) ;-)

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After doing her first ever smut with Anistaija, Jayda decided that it was a lot of fun showing off her sweet little shaved coed muffin to all the perverts on Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girls so she came back and did this solo masturbation photo shoot for you to enjoy. Jayda was real nervous and it shows in a few of the photograph but by the time this picture of her fingering her little cunt was taken, she was really into fucking herself and hardly noticed the camera there.

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Jayda Garcia Masturbates For The Camera

Members of one of our sites automatically get full access to all of our sites – and since Jayda has only worked for us, you get to see every one of her photo sets and films, plus those of her friends,  for the price of one membership.

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Aspen Steen Is Not Excited About Her Brother Filming Her Fucking aspensteen xxxp sisp bnts pufm tattooed redhead shaved skinny oldny amateur teen grudge gnd

Aspen Steen Is Not Excited About Her Brother Filming Her Fucking

The sexy blonde coed Aspen Steen was born and raised in Mississippi but moved to Colorado recently and has now done her very first amateur sex porno clip with Glass Mannequin Productions. It seems her artsy-fatrsy  brother  was taking pictures of her in the shower so she decided that she would pay him back by ruining one of his stupid fucking paintings. He claims the painting is worth a few hundred money and he wants to fuck his sister over for fucking his painting. After reading the add in the local paper for Bring Me Your Sister, he decides that he’s going to make her a porno model so he can get his dough for the destroyed painting.


It was a bonus that he got to  video his sister’s swollen shaved cooder as the nineteen year old tattooed inkslut got fucked hard by the older man at Bring Me Your Sister. It’s hard to tell but it looks like the brother had a pretty hard schlong as he watched his sister getting fucked on camera for the first time. In fact, this sick fucker asked for an advance copy of a few of the pics of his sister’s little teen cooder so he could show them to his friends. This picture of the old man’s sperm dripping out of his sister’s shaved cunt after her first on-screen creampie is one of his favorites.

Cum Drips Out Of Aspen's Pussy As Her Brother Films It

Cum Drips Out Of His Sister’s teen cooder As Her Brother vids It

Visit Bring Me Your Sister to see all the misbehaving clip Aspen’s brother took of her.

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