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Some girls like to be filmed – even if they are a little shy. This was the case with Shaye. I know Shaye from one of the clubs I hang out at and one night as the club was getting ready to close, I invited Shaye to my place for a little “fun” in front of the camera. I think the thought of making homemade amateur sex porn excited her because she didn’t hesitate to go with me.

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Over the years, I’ve made homemade amateur sex smut with a lot of different girls and I’ve seen a lot of amateur coed pussy but Shaye has the finest “swollen vagina” (swollen muffy) I’ve ever had the pleasure of filming (or fucking for that matter). Pulling her pink underwear into her muffy, I created the flawless camel toe and all I could think of was sliding my hard erection deep into her little coed cunt.

As soon as we got dwelling, I set up the cameras and started fingering her swollen muffy. It dodn’t take long for her to return the favor and start sucking my throbbing erection. I reset the cameras and started fucking the coed bimbo in her first homemade amateur sex smut movie. She loved it – and so did I. I think having the camer’s on turned her on – and the fact that she secretly knew I’d be putting our homemade amateur sex porn on the internet.

You can see my entire collection of homemade amateur sex smut on my main site www.RealColoradoGirls.com. This is where I put the full-length DVD quality clips. I also have a few high quality images that I took of the neighborhood girls.  But one of the best coed fucks, and the puffiest beavers, belongs to Shaye of Colorado Springs.

So what are you waiting for, get the DVD quality downloads here: www.RealColoradoGirls.com.

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When Violet Little showed up at her neighbor’s flat, she wanted to get fucked. Being a young mother, Violet doesn’t have time to date but she does find time to get laid. Lucky for her, the gentleman that lived next door is more than willing to drop his drawers and fuck her all night – after the little cunt sucks his cock. Hell, what kind of neighbor turns down unblemished piece of ass let alone a fellatio?

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Now Violet gives unblemished bj but this lonely young mom is also a unblemished fuck. Watching the older neighbor fuck the young mom’s teen cunt is a real fucking turn-on. And this little cunt can take all of his hard cock, as hard as the old fucker can hammer it in her wet little cunt. The little cunt was a moaner – making all kinds of fucking noise as the old perv fucked her tight little cunt.

Now how many of you would like to have a mischievous neighbor babes like Violet? One that would stop by at night for a quickie, one that would fuck you just to feel your hard cock deep in her tiny little cunt? One that you could semen deep in her cunt and leave a hot sticky cream-pie in her little teen cunt.

The only place on the internet that you can see Violet fucking her neighbors is on www.realcoloradogirls.com – check out all of her mischievous adventures today.

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Maxi Booty had been wanting some dick for a few days and when she got the chance to go for a walk in the woods with a friend she jumped on it. Of course, Maxi loves to suck dick so she started by deep-throating the older man’s fat dick to get things started. Now one of the first things you notice about this Real Colorado Girl is her huge smile – and trust me, if you have a fat dick, this cute Colorado girl can get it all the way down her throat.

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Maxi Booty Gives Richard Nailder Head

Of course, most guys hunger for more than just a hummer and Richard Nailder is no different so he was soon fingering Maxi’s shaved and soaking wet fat snatch as she moaned in pleasure from the sensation of the older man’s working her clit and then her g-spot. Seeing the sexy hard-bodied teenager as she arches her back and moans in pleasure as she reaches her first orgasm is enough for most men to shot a load of spunk all over her first-class coed boobs but Richard wanted to feel his throbbing dick sliding deep in her already wet little cunt.

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Maxie Booty’s Wet Pussy

Of course, being the environmentally safe person that he is, Richard Nailder didn’t hunger for to leave his cream in the woods so after fucking Maxi for a good bit, the old pervert reached around and started playing with the cute teenager’s puffy clit. He soon felt her beaver walls contracting on his throbbing dick as she climaxed for the third time. Thrusting a few times more, he shot a over-sized load of hot sticky cream deep in her tight coed coochy giving her a wet and sticky creampie in the woods near South Park Colorado – something all Real Colorado Girls love – LOL.

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Richard Nailder Cums In Maxi Booty

If you hunger for to see the entire clip of Maxi – it can only be found on www.RealColoradoGirls.com so click on a picture and check out the clip today.

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You sick fuckers kept hounding me to finish the shoots of Meysha filming me fucking Holie so here they are:

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Meysha was so fucking shy – but it i did get her to play with her girlfriend’s pierced little clit as I fucked her little cunt hard. Shit – It’s god to be me – fucking babes on my couch as their amateur sex girlfriend films it – too bad that fine looking teenager tramp Meysha never fucked my hard dick! That said – these two have some pretty nice boobs and Holie has one of the tiniest shaved snatches I’ve ever fucked. In fact, I’m amazed that I even got my dick in her – and even more amazed t hoe hard she likes to be fucked.

But them I’m not complaining – I like tight pussies as much as the next guy and tight shaved teenager snatches are my favorite. Add a exceptional pair of natural tits and a cute face and I’ll fuck her all night long – if she’s your sister, I’ll even let you film it!

Again – these are just teasers – check out all of Holie’s films on my main sites www.realcoloradogirls.com. www.glassmannequin.com and www.bringmeyoursister.com.

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OK – I thought I’d post a picture of me getting fingered by Richard Nailder in one of my first smut sets. In fact, my brother decided that hurting his puppy was a no-no so he pimped me out to the old bastard at Bring Me Your Sister for the 2nd time – and the perv even helped the old man video me getting fingered. And just in case you are wondering, Richard does a lot more than finger me – by the time he was finished, he had hammered my little cunt so hard I was sore for a week.

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Fingering Maxi Booty

Maxi is a cute 18 year old that loves fat schlongs. See more of Maxi booty on Bring Me Your Sister

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My little sister Thena Sky is a fucking pain in the butt. She’s always breaking my stuff and she never pays me back. I’ve been looking for a way to get even with her for a long fucking time and when I saw this guy’s add in the local paper, I knew that I was going to make my sister into a smut star. Of course, I was pretty sure that my sister wouldn’t do this willingly but what choice did she have? She had just put a bug fucking dent in my Harley and if she didn’t pay me back, I was going to tell mom that she was fucking her boyfriend in the garage when she knocked my bike over. Plus I would kick her fucking butt.

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Filming My Little Sister Getting Her Tight coed coochy Licked

So to make a long story small, my sister let me film her fucking this old fart and I made a few dough to fix the dent in my bike. Of course, my sister wined like a stuck fucking pig when the guy forced his huge schlong deep in her little little cunt. This surprised me as she was normally such a floozy. But I digress… The old guy fucked her pretty hard – she was whimpering that she couldn’t take it anymore when he sot a over-sized load of hot sticky cream all over my sister’s titties. I was hoping he would cream inside her little cunt but the man fuckin pulled out and cam all over my sister’s little titties.

So – the floozy need to be punished a little more – so make sure when you fuck her, you fill my sister with cum……

You can see the shoot I made at www.bringmeyoursister.com

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Owning my own amateur sex porno production company has it’s benefits and fucking the models is just one of them. We had just finished shooting a lesbian shoot of Diva and Misty in my hot tub when the girls decided they wanted to have a little fun with the boss. Lucky for us, the camera crew was still there so they caught our little three-some three-some on camera.

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Amateur Orgy

Now I can think of nothing funner than fucking and fucking two gorgeous sweethearts at the same time just makes the orgy more fun. Just imagine having these petite sweethearts slobbering all over your cock as they fight to see who can suck meat the best. In my experience, it’s best not to rate them while their sucking your meat of the looser may throw in the towel and you may not get to ram your meat in her tight little beaver – so save the commentary for later.

Amateur Orgy

Amateur Orgy – free tour at www.glassmannequin.com

Now personally, I have no preference over the color of the beaver I fuck – as long as it’s sweet, tight and warm and wet…. And Misty’s small little beaver was all four. The fact that Diva wanted to play with her clitoris as I was fucking her just made our little group sex encounter more fun. In fact, these small bi-sexual sweet hearts were as much into fucking each other as they were into fucking me so there was plenty of beaver devouring going on throughout our little spontaneous orgy.

Amateur Orgy

Amateur Orgy – free tour at www.glassmannequin.com

And watching these froward lesbians kissing as I rammed my throbbing meat deep in their small twats was super fucking hot. Imagine your meat burried deep in Misty’s small cunt and looking up to see Diva playing with her whopping titties and kissing her wet mouth. In fact, imagine it as you watch the entire clip at Glass Mannequin – Members get to see these two sweet hearts in a good dozen high-quality video clips and picture sets so check it out today.

Amateur Orgy - Free Tour at www.glassmannequin.com

Amateur Orgy – Free Tour at www.glassmannequin.com

And yes, I did shoot a whopping load of sticky cream all over these froward sluts so check out the free hardcore tour videos. Good news is we are now offerring access to all three of our sites for the price of one so when you sign up to see these froward sluts on Glass Mannequin.com you get full access to www.realcoloradogirls.com and www.bringmeyoursister.com

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From time to time I like to welcome a new hot teenager to the neighborhood and this week, I’d like to welcome the hard-bodied Cadee Corell and her brother to Mr Richard’s Neighborhood. Cadee wasn’t really here willingly but her brother wanted retribution for some minor transgression and before she knew it, the braces wearing 18 year old was being fucked on Mr. Richard’s sofa as her brother filmed it. Now you might find this just a bit disturbing but for the girls in my neighborhood, getting fucked by Richard Nailder is more commonplace than one might think. In fact, getting fucked by Richard while your brother films it happens weekly and you can see all of the sister porno shoots, including the one Cadee’s brother made of her, on Bring Me Your Sister today.

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Cadee And Her Brother Make A Porno

Now don’t go blaming the old fuck for sliding his fat dick into such a hot teenager – it’s was her brother’s idea that the two of them have sex and he was more than willing to shoot it. Of course, Mr. Richard never passes up a chance to spread someone’s sister’s pussy wide open and let her brother shoot the insides of her sweet teenager twat. In this movie, Cadee’s brother did a awesome job of getting a lot of real good closeup movie of his sister’s shaved little pussy – I’m betting he downloaded the movie from Bring Me Your Sister and jerked himself off while watching it – any bets?

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Cadee Lets Her Brother shoot Her Shaved Pussy

If you hunger for to download this sister porno movie yourself – then visit Bring Me Your Sister and get your own copy today.

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Violet Little is another hot teenage mom that stops by my place every few weeks for a good hard fucking. I first met her when her brother answered my add in the local newspaper after his errant little sister broke his play station. He wanted a new one and this broke young mom had no way to earn the coin to pay him back. Lucky for me, he talked his sister into doing a porno film with me so that I would buy him a new play station – now that’s what I call “brotherly love”.  You can see Violet’s first ever porno film on Bring Me Your Sister

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Violet Little Has first-rate cans And The terrific ‘O’ Face

After the dwarf little Violet had done her first porno film, and she had had a taste of my king-sized schlong, she just kept coming back for more.  This picture was shot just a few weeks ago when Violet had stopped by for a little errant sex with an older man. Seems this hot young mom likes the older guys. You can click on the picture to see a few more errant pics of Violet’s big floppy titties during our last our errant sex encounter or you can see all the HD photograph on Real Colorado Girls – join today and get two amateur sex sites as a bonus for no extra charge.

Free Hardcore porno Tours: Glass MannequinReal Colorado GirlsBring Me Your Sister – all three sites – one low price.

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Maddy Marks has one of the nicest 18 year old swollen muffins I’ve ever had the chance to see and watching this old man pull her pink underpants aside and finger her wonderful shaved beaver is enough to make me think I have a chance with a coed as hot as Maddy. In fact, the redhead coed Maddy Marks has more than a cute swollen beaver (swollen coochy), she also has a first-rate set of colossal natural hooters that any mad (or woman) could get hours of pleasure from – I wonder if the old pervert in this picture ever titty-fucked the cute redhead or if he at least shot his load of hot semen on her first-rate set of hooters?See if she did by joining Glass Mannequin today.

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Maddy Marks swollen beaver

If you long for to see more of Maddy Marks, then you can find her on all three Glass Mannequin Production sites – Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me your Sister. Join one today and get the other two free.

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