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Glass Mannequin Girl Anistaija loves sex so much that she’s always finding time to stuff something deep into her pink little teen age coochy. In this video clip, Anistaija is playing with a blue vibrating toy that she manages to borrow from our collection of sex toys. But enough about the toy, what we lust after to hear about is how tight and wet her little shaved coochy is. Well, it wasn’t my penis in her cunt so I can’t tell you for sure but from watching this short scene of this skinny small teen masturbating, I can tell you that she likes to have her pink coochy filled with fat toys – and I would imagine that sh likes a fat penis too.

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Anistaija Stuffs her Pink teen Pussy

But Anistaija likes to have her clitoris stimulated and lucky for us, she’s willing to rub the sex-toy on her swollen clitoris, bringing herself to orgasm. If you watch closely you can see her little cunt and asshole squeezing tight as she climaxes. Visit Glass Mannequin today to see Anistaija jizz.

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Anistaija Rubbing Her swollen Clit

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Amateur teenager Kelly Birkenholtz just moved in a few weeks ago and she’s been making a few girlfriends in the neighborhood and when she came by with nasty little Hannah, I talked her into flashing her firm teenager titties for the camera. Kelly was real nervous and try as I might, I couldn’t get her to take her briefs off in front of the camera but she promised to come back and do a few babe-on-babe shoots soon.

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See Kelly’s First disrobed Pictures

Kelly is an eighteen year old Colorado native that loves to snowboard, camp and go 4-wheeling. She’s in pretty damn good shape. She loves sex and likes her men to have over sized boners and her women to be fully shaved – and she said that they had better know how to lick pussy. You can see Kelly’s first images only in the members area of Real Colorado Girls – check her out today.

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I love tattooed and pierced emo women and Faith Vega and Sadie are tow of the horniest punk eating pussy teens I’ve ever know. Lucky for me, I got to film them both having sex a few times. Lucky for you, I put all the images and movies online for everyone to enjoy.  The night we took this picture, faith and Sadie had stopped by to see if my hot-tub was working and I told them they could use it if I could do  perverted sex set before they got their hair wet. Of course, the little cunts jumped at the chance and I was soon shooting hundreds of high quality images of these punk lesbians having sex. See the photograph at Real Colorado Girls. This picture was taken at the start of the photo set – click on it to see a free gallery with more photograph of these two eating pussy sluts.

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Tattooed And Pierces punk Lesbians – Faith And Sadie

Faith is a super sexy tattooed Mexican Girl that I’ve known since her 18th birthday, Sadie was in the Army but got kicked out for fucking women – damn, I don’t have a chance in the Army ;-) . Both teenagers were still 18 when we took these images. Get your penis out because you’re gonna want to jerk off to these perverted teens as they eat each others shaved teenager coochies.

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Josie is a errant little amateur sex lesbian tramp that’s always looking for fresh new twat to seduce on camera. When she brought her cute Latina friend Jayda to the residence I knew I was going to get some real errant images and scene. When the babes told me they were ready, I came in the room to find them in matching bras and undies, that’s when I realized they had been planning this little lesbian show even for a while. Josie  is real god at getting babes all excited and it only took a few minutes to get Jayda all wet.

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Josie Kisses Her Girlfriends Belly

It wasn’t long before the amateur sex lesbians babes were playing with dildos and munching each other’s clits. Josie went first, working the sextoy slowly on the edge off Jayda’s teen twat. Jayda was moaning softly and Josie teased her with the sextoy, then she held her breath and shuttered in a orgasmic release that left her shaking for minutes and Josie continued to devour her sweet teen twat. You can see all the images and scene on Glass Mannequin – join today and get full acess to two additional bonus sites.

Josie Teases Jayda

Josie Teases Jayda

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Ricky’s little sister pissed him off again so he took her back to the the guy at Bring Your Sister and pimped her out again as he filmed the entire sex for cash smut scene. Now those of you that know about the excellent sister smut web site Bring Me Your Sister know that Violet was one of the first sisters ever fucked as her brother filmed her. Now remember that Violet is a petite 4?11? teenager that loves the feeling of a king-sized dick deep in her dainty shaved beaver – this teenage creampie lover let her brother make a closeup scene of sperm dripping out of his sister’s beaver. See more by visiting Bring Me Your Sister today.

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Cum In My Sister’s Pussy

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Crystal is a tiny little black babe that normally only fucks other teenagers but when she killed her brother’s exotic fish, he wanted a little payback so he brought her to the guys at Bring Me Your Sister and pimped her dwarf butt out in her first and only amateur sex sister porno scene so he could buy new fish. Of course he never told her that he would be filming his sister having sex but she never asked either. When Crystal first saw the size of the guys boner, she about walked out but her brother made his perverted little sister fuck the old guy even if it hurt her to have such a colossal boner in her tight little snatch. I this sister sex clip, you get to see Theo filming his sister as she gets her shaved snatch licked. Watch and you can see his sister have quiet but real orgasm. If you want to see her wince as the old fucker shoves his colossal boner in her tiny snatch – you’ll have to download the entire shoot on Bring Me Your Sister – enjoy!

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I was fishing on a local creek a few weeks back when I spotted this sexy teenager brunette up stream from me taking off her bikini. I guess the girl didn’t see me as she just took off her top then her bottoms and began washing herself in the creek. I’m not sure if the girl was homeless or if she was just down at the creek  having a good time but either way, I was getting a free peep-show and I wanted to see more. Hiding in a stand of willows, I got my camera out of my pocket and started snapping pics of the misbehaving teenager as she undressed. I always carry this little digital camera when I go fishing so I can take pics of the places I go and the fish I catch but I never thought I would be hiding in a bush taking pics of a barely legal teenager washing her cunt in a local stream. I let my buddy have all the unclothed images of this girl and he posted them on his website – – you can check them out at www.glassmannequin.com Enjoy the samples.

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Hot teenager takes her clothes off

Watching Her Undress

Watching the brunette undress

Naked Teenager

Naked teenager

Washing her pussy

Cute teenager washing her pussy

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Anistaija and Josie Joe have been lesbian friends for some time so when they decided to do this video clip, they didn’t have to pretend they were real lesbians – it’s obvious the girls are having fun and the sex was real. Of course, if you’re not into amateur sex teen lesbians then you may as well move on and not click on the cunt munchers pics to view real girls having real sex. But if you are like me and love watching cute teen girls with cute smiles, fabulous natural hooters and little shaved pussies then you will love the girls on Real Colorado Girls – both the lesbians and the rest.

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Anistaija Licks Josie’s Cunt

But I wander… I should be telling you about Josie and Anistaija. In this set, the girls are all horny and decide that a little muff diving was in order so I grabbed a camera and started filming the lesbian cunts as they proceeded to munch each other’s tight teen cunts. First Anistaija did the oral deed to her teen friend Josie – reaching up and playing with her pierced nipples as she licked her puffy clitoris. Then the brunette decided to return the favor to her teenage friend – eating her coochie until the eighteen year old Anistaija shivered in climax in a wave of real multiple orgasms.

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Josie Fucks Her Girlfriend Anistaija

Of course, you won’t know unless you check out the full video clip on Real Colorado Girls today.

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OK – so I’m a fucking pervert – no one has ever disputed that and that’s because the people that know me all know I love nothing more then a itty bitty coed cooder. Lucky for me, Colorado model Holie Marie has just the kind of itty bitty coed cooder I love. This was Holie’s porno audition – but it wasn’t really planed. It seems she pissed her brother off and he decided to pimp her ass out in her first ever porno scene. Lucky for me, her brother read my Bring Me Your Sister add in the local paper and soon he was at my door with his sister in tow. Holie turned out to be a unmarred fuck and we decided to hire her for our other sites: Glass mannequin and Real Colorado coeds.


Tiny coed Pussy

Of course – if you don’t like itty bitty coed cooder you can always play with her fine coed boobies – actually – it’s the pained expression on her face that I love in this picture. You can tell that she’s having a little trouble fitting my fat pecker in her itty bitty coed cooder from the grimace on her face.

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Perfect coed Tits

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Rene has one of those round and firm asses that you just hunger for to grab and hold on to as you’re burring your face in her shaved little cunt and that’s just what the hot Mexican Girl 18 year old, Honey, was doing to her girlfriend. These two shaved teen lesbians love eating cunt and it’s no surprise that it shows in our last homemade vid of these two teen pussies. Of course, if you hunger for to see more of these two lesbian pussies, all you have to do is visit my main amateur sex site Glass Mannequin – or you can bookmark this page and watch for more real homemade lesbian video video clips.

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