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Dude, I know you had questions about your sister but bringing her to me so you could watch her fuck is a little weird. I know, I run that stupid add in the local paper asking pissed off brothers that long for to teach their little sisters a lesson to Bring Me Your Sister and I’ll teach them to have a little infatuation for their brothers but Jesus, you were a little too excited to film your sister having sex – in fact, the way you looked at the little spunk-bimbo when she first flashed her cunt was just a little weird for me.  But I guess she got you back when she let me spunk in her mouth – then spit my spunk in your face….. sometimes filming your sister fucking is not all it’s trumped up to be. Of course, you did stop by and pick up your copy of the movie so I’m sure you’re at pad ass whippin your monkey to your sister’s first amateur sex porno movie as I type this….. Enjoy.


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You Filming Me Cuming In Your Sister’s Mouth

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Though these nasty amateur sex teenager lovers don’t have a chance to meet with each other several times a week, let alone living together, they do everything they can in order to meet at least on weekends.

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Sure, while other couples go to videos or to cafes, these excited amateur sex sex addicts gratify their hunger for each other in a dorm. Dormitory is not the most romantic place on Earth but somehow they manage to reach their goals and even more. Download the full length video that will give you a chance to enjoy their lust as well. Watch this sexy hard-bodied brown haired with perky little titties fuck her boyfriend hard.

Tons of shocking house Videos – amateur sex teenager filmed by amateur sex coeds!

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Maddy Marks has the prettiest pink little teen pussy I’ve ever seen and in this video clip, she starts laughing and pushing the sextoy out of her cunt – it’s so tight. Watching the video just  makes me yearn for to ram my schlong deep in her sweet little cunt – make her wince in pain as I hit bottom of her tight teen cooder. Maybe it’s me, but I really like to violate silly coeds and it’s even more fun if they have a pink little cooder that is as pretty as Maddy’s muffin. If you yearn for to see Maddy push the sextoy out as she giggles – you need to visit Glass Mannequin now – trust me, the fucking video clip is HOT!

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Pink Little Pussy

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I just found a few older pics of one of the cutest amateur sex redheads in Mr. Richard’s Neighborhood and I thought you might like me to share them. Bree is a real cute shaved and pierced redhead that moved in a few weeks before I took these pics. In fact, unlike many of the neighbor coeds, this hot 18 year old has only a few nude photograph of her so she’s a real collector item.

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Bree Masturbates For The Camera

f you like these few samples, you can see every nude picture ever taken of this cute hard-bodied coed by visiting Real Colorado Girls today.

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Lenteen told me that she was good in polishing any size of dick. I put her to a test first and handed her a over-sized lollipop. The cute amateur sex brunette teenager took it right away, wrapped her sweet teenager lips around it and licked it with her pierced tongue. She was not good, she was the best. The tease went on as she rubbed her tight twat while sucking on that hard candy. It was erection inducing so I went straight between her legs and gave her a motorboat. Next, Lenteen sucked my fat dick until I was hard enough to clobber her teenager vagina. DOWNLOAD the full clip ONLY at!
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What starts out as a friendly game of cards between these tight little cunts ends in a real “winner takes all” gamble. The wager between these two hot Colorado girls is an orgasm for the winner administered by the loser. After a few minutes it is clear that Josie Joe doesn’t stand a chance and Butterfly Haze is ready to get her tight cooder licked for her reward. Josie Joe is not someone who takes to losing, but it would seem she is throwing the card game just to collect her own reward of getting her hot lesbian opponent stripped bare and eaten raw.

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Two hot coed lesbians wager for cards

Now that the card game is over the winner collects her rewards a toy and a warm tongue on her aching cooder. Josie Joe is ready and willing to pay for her loss in full by devouring this tight little Mexican Girl cunt spread across the table. It’s not hard to see why Josie was ready for her “defeat” getting to taste this 18 year old snatch. Butterfly didn’t seem to mind that Josie had a little sex-toy to help her tongue in doing its work. After all Butterfly is not an easy teen to please and Josie definitely has her work cut out for her.

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Winner takes all

To see more photos and video of these two hot lesbians getting fucked at Glassmannequin.

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Nubile Nola is a professional fashion model. So she’s not just have an fantastic skinny body, but she also knows how to show it in a most beautiful way. Watch Nola masturbating and fingering her sweet nubile cooch on her debut mature scene!

Nubile Nola Video

Visit to watch this whole episode.

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Now I don’t like to brag – but fucking Violet is FUN! I met Violet at the park across the street from my apartment. She was playing with her 19-month-old daughter in the park as I was pruning the roses in front of my apartment. As they were leaving the park, her daughter saw the pretty roses in front of my apartment and wanted one. Of course I gave this sexy young mom and her daughter a few of my roses – and invited her to stop by sometime without the baby.

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As things would have it, Violet is one horny young mom. After our first encounter, she became a regular at my apartment and we were soon making homemade sex movies as often as we could. Violet got pregnant young and missed a lot of chances to experiment sexually and she sure was doing her best to catch up.


The first time Violet saw my colossal penis, she got this real evil smile on her face and I knew I would be seeing a lot of her in the future. As we were fucking for the first time, I almost blew my wad as soon as my throbbing penis slipped inside her tight teen pussy. Gritting my teeth – and thinking of chopped liver, I managed to hold out till she was properly fucked and had sperm herself.


This homemade sex video clip is special because it documents the first time Violet let me try putting my penis in her butt. She had never tried anal sex and wanted to real bad – problem was, with my colossal penis, and her tine frame (4?11? and 92 lbs), I was more likely to split her in two than she reckoned. You can see her entire valiant effort she made at having her first anal sex on


She did manage to take most of my penis in her ass before deciding to fuck me proper. Her tight little mommy pussy squeezing on my throbbing penis, I hammered her as hard as I could. This was first-class sex – jez, the babe is almost 30 years younger than me and she’s loving my old penis in her teen pussy almost as much as I am.


If you like to fuck amateur sex teen moms, you should really check out all of the clips that I’ve made of Violet over the past few months. And rest assured, this sexy young mom likes more than just penis. She is just as prone to show up at my apartment with one of her girlfriends as she is to show up alone.


And yes – I gave the poor babe a facial in this real homemade sex vid. Check out the finale at

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This hardcore shoot of Maxi booty was one of her first and is available in it’s full HQ version only on In this shoot the sexy Colorado teen, Maxi booty, fucks her old friend Richard Nailder – when I spoke with Richard, he claimed that Maxi has one of the sweetest teen cunts he’s ever had the pleasure of fucking – he also said that maxi is as much fun in real life as she in on set. In fact, their scenes parallel their private sex so closely that they usually just forget the cameras are their and fuck like they do when they are kicking it together.

This Glass Mannequin shoot is one of the few shot before Maxi changed her hair color back to her natural brown haired – personally I like Maxi as a flaxen but I guess that’s a personal taste thing. What i like most about Maxi is her down-to-earth attitude and her super sexy teen body.

Of course, no Glass Mannequin shoot would be complete without a cumshot – no fake cum here – Maxi and Richard were really making love – not just fucking for some jumbo smut producer for another run-of-the-mill smut shoot – this was maxi at her best – taking a fat schlong and lapping up all the cum the old man could throw at her.

Glass Mannequin has more scenes of the super-sexy Colorado teen than any other website on the web so grab the lube, get out your credit card and wank to the best of Maxi Booty right now. Join today and get unrestricted access to two additional amateur sex smut sites featuring Maxi Booty.

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Autumn Breeze was always a misbehaving little sister and a real pain in the ass and had been pissing her brother off for years and he had managed to keep his frustration in check. Well, he managed until his 18 year old cunt of a sister took his wheels without asking and wrecked it. But this time his sister had fucked him over for the last time. He was going to fuck his sister in a way that she had never dreamed could happen – he’d pimp his sister out in her first smut video – and shoot the little cunt as his sister sucked boner and got her little teenager muffy punished by an older man.

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Eating His Sister’s muffy As He Films

Seriously, Autumns brother couldn’t take any longer – his little sister had always teased him by running around the flat unclad – or wearing nothing but sexy briefs as she watched TV – or leaving the bathroom door open as she showered. Every chance she got, his sister was flashing her perky little breasts at him. The poor guy’s sister even sucked every boner at her brother’s last party – except his. And since he knew his sister was a hussy – he figured she could suck boner in her first smut shoot – he was right – his sister loves to suck boner.  Watch his sister deep-throat a massive hard boner on Bring Me Your Sister.

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Of course, having his sister suck boner was not enough for Autumn’s pissed off brother. Her brother wanted his sister to take the massive boner deep in her shaved teenager cunt as he watched – no – as he filmed.  I’m not sure if it turned her brother on watching  her fuck but when his sister moaned as she took the massive boner deep in her wet teenager muffy, he did have a little trouble holding his camera steady ;-)    He him wanking at Bring Me Your Sister – and get free access to Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girls as a bonus.

Fucking His Sister

Fucking His Sister

To see the entire shoot that Phill made of his sister sucking boner and getting fucked, check out Bring Me Your Sister and get full access to Glass Mannequin and  Real Colorado Girls –  for the same low price

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