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Amateur teen porno model Kaydence Skye always claimed she loved fucking babes but until she actually did it in front of the camera – we weren’t convinced that this petite hard-bodied teen really had a clue about carpet munching. So, whale in Vegas a few weeks back, we grabbed one of our regular models and let the two babes have a little fun in front of the camera. Kaydence had met the guys at Glass Mannequin Productions after her brother piped her out (and filmed her) in a set for Bring Me Your Sister and she had enough fun fucking on camera that she wanted to earn a few more cash and if she could make coin fucking an old man – then fucking a coed as cute as Thena Sky would be a real pleasure.

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Thena Sky Checks Out Kaydence’s immaculate fun bags

The 18 year old tattooed and pierced Kaydence had just met nineteen year old Thena but the two babes got along letter-perfect and both were looking forward to some unsurpassed lesbian sex on what was to be Kaydence’s first on-camera lesbian sex. Kaydence got right into fucking her new girlfriend and was soon eating the cute teenage brunette’s shaved little cunt. Thena soon returned the favor and both babes reached quiet but quivering orgasms.

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Kaydence Skye Eats Her First Pussy

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Most men would love to have a misbehaving dark haired teenage neighbor that loves to suck meat. This one is sexy, hot, crazy about amateur sex sex and ready to spread her legs at any time she meets a well-hung guy. The day this sexy stud did not know what to do and that is why he dropped into her place and talked her into satisfying his dong.

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He did not have to do much, just to show her his erected meat and to excite her with his dirty fantasies. In her turn, the hottie granted bright vaginal and oral orgasms to him. You will be able to find a passionate downloadable and full length video at and meet the cutie yourself.

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So boys, you feeling naughty? So am I so I had a few pics taken of my sweet pussy – and my friend put them all on the internet at where you can see them all. In this set, I was real horny so I fingered my sweet coed pussy until I was just on the brink of a massive orgasm then I stuffed half my hand into my pussy and came so hard it took me a few minutes to catch my breath. I know, I’m a naughty little bimbo but I love sex and I like to be watched as I masturbate. If you long for to see more of my naughty sex photograph, then click on my pic and become a member – then you get to see me fucking girls and guys in addition to playing with my sweet coed pussy.

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Nasty Butterfly Haze Spreads Her Pussy

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Not every amateur sex teen loves sex as much as Thena and Blaze. Watching these wild teenagers fucking each other would be fun in itself, but for a really interesting show, put a hard schlong between them and watch them fight over it. Thena starts by licking the old fart’s balls and her girlfriend licks the tip of his now-throbbing schlong. Soon they have his schlong balls-deep as they give him one of the best blowjobs he has ever had. See these cuties on Glass Mannequin today.

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Two amateur sex teenagers Fighting Over Cock

But these misbehaving young moms desire more and are soon crawling on top of the old bastard, filling their little shaved pussies with his thick schlong. Usually the old neighbor guy is the sick fucker in the room, however the babes are determined to fuck  him to death. They refuse to let him have a breath of air, and decide that a good face-sitting is the best way to do this. After the babes have each climaxed they allow the old man up for a breath of air.

Face-Sitting teenagers Kiss

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There are few things in life as exciting as a dog fight and since it’s in every skank’s nature to fight – why not let them fight over your bone? From the look on this guy’s face, he’s loving it as his skank and another one that they met on myspace fight over his throbbing bone. At first, the little amateur sex cunts were content to munch and suck on his bone but soon, one of the bitches had it burred deep in her shaved little cunt as the other tried to dig it out with her tongue. Nothing like a little entertainment for the weekend – and yes – the full video is available if you visit

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One can only guess why teenage Latina Butterfly Haze would get bunch of butterfly tattooed on her side but my guess is that the butterfly tattoos represent her sweet butterfly snatch. And what better snatch than a sweet butterfly snatch? Lucky for butterfly lovers world wide, Butterfly Haze is willing to show more than just her tattoos – in this clip, Butterfly masturbates in the greenhouse with two purple dildos. The hard-bodied teenager loves to show off her unblemished little cans and her sweet butterfly snatch. In fact, this little teenager cunt  has done dozens of softcore and hardcore amateur sex vids and the only place you can find her vids – including her initial smut audition, is on Glass Mannequin, Bring Me Your Sister and Real Colorado Girls. Join any one of these three amateur sex teenager sites and get unlimited access to all three.

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Butterfly Haze Masturbating

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OK – I’m an old fucking man and if you put a sweet piece of shaved teen pussy in front of me, my dick is gonna get fucking hard. So it’s only natural that when some redhead teen cunt drags her boyfriend to me to make a porno movie, I expect the young buck can at least get his shit hard. But, surprisingly enough, most of the guys that show up to “audition” ain’t got what it takes to be in porno. It was no different when Thena Sky brought mike for this set.

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Mike is a classic example but he’s far from the only one. Of the four times I let him try, he only finished twice – and both times it was a circus trying to keep his boner hard. WTF was I thinking to give him a second chance. They needed the cash and in the end, Mike filmed me fucking his girlfriend so they could pay the rent – and hell, if you’re down with me fucking your girlfriend, bring her butt on by ;-)

You can see some of the limp-dick attempt and a few of the videos that we made instead of shooting the limp-dick fucking boyfriends on my two amateur sex sites Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girls. Since I’m the lucky bastard that fucks all of the sisters on Bring Me Your Sister, you ain’t gonna see any limp dicks there – although we do get a lot of porno bloopers as the brothers shoot their own sisters getting fucked by Mr. Richard ;-)

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The whole world now is totally crazy about slim and even skinny chicks. This seductive sweetheart is blessed with curvy full-figured body but when she watches video clips or commercials she sees only slim women and that irritates her.

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Finally, one of her neighbors saw her gorgeous body and made everything to make her believe in her beauty and sexuality. When that worked out, the babe thanked him with a passionate amateur sex sex action and with fulfilling all his fantasies totally. The full length video shows her gratitude in every intimate detail.

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Hannah skipped work and didn’t want to go abode to her mom so she decides to stop by a neighbor’s abode and see what the old fart was up to. She also wanted a piece of his over-sized boner. The old neighbor guy caught on to her ploy right away so he decided she needed a little old fashioned punishment. Taking the 18-year old Hannah over his knee, the old fart spanked her sexy coed ass pretty hard but the mischievous little Hannah still wanted his hard boner in her tight coed cooder. Enjoy the clips – if you like them, you can download the entire DVD quality clip on Glass Mannequin

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Taking a break in the whipping, the old bastard buried his face in Hannah’s wet coed cunt and tasted her sweetness before rolling her over and resuming the punishment of the sex teenagers round ass. Of course, she played him on a bit….. teasing him so much that he rolled her over and spanked her till her little fanny was stripped with little red welts. Download the entire clip of her getting spanked and fucked here: Glass Mannequin

Or you can bookmark this page and hope that i post more mischievous movies of Hannah getting spanked – or if you’re real lucky, I’ll post the slow-motion clip of the facial she got from the old bastard after he finished whipping her. Of course – the best way to see the entire clip – is to Join Now Do it today and get full access to two additional amateur sex sites, Bring Me Your Sister and Real Colorado Girls for no additional charge.

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My name is Jayda and Yes – I do porno………..   but to see me nude, you need to click on the pic and enjoy the free tour at Glass Mannequin -where you will find plenty of naked scenes and pictures of this hot Mexican Girl teenagers. In fact, there are a lot more than just naked pictures – there are a few real hot lesbian scenes where this 18 year old cutie is licking the shaved cunts of her girl friends. We also have a few real hot masturbation scenes were Jayda stuffs various sex toys deep in her tiny teen pussy. Jayda also had a great ass – firm enough to bounce a quarter off of and so tight that all you will be able to think about is stuffing you pecker deep in her cute little butt hole.

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Click Here To See Jayda Nude

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