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Tommy’s sister had pissed him off and owed him a  lot of coin and he had had enough – that’s when he saw my add in the paper – “Has your Sister ever wrecked your auto, trashed your house, fucked your friend – and never paid you back? Getting “Paid Back” has never been so sweet!” – he decided to get even – and film his little sister in her first porno video. Lucky for me, his sister has a grand set of natural rack and a clean shaved clam.

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Film Your Sister

Maddy Marks was a little shocked when I handed the camera to her brother and told her that she would be fucking the old man as punishment – but what could she do, she had trashed his guitar by drawing on it with a sharpie – fucking twit drew little schlongs with wings all over his prized bass guitar and he was not letting her leave until she paid him back. Secretly, I think he wanted to see his sister having sex too – but he never would admit that but he did get plenty of good closeups of his sister sucking cock and of her shaved teenager pussy.

Sister Sucking Cock

Sister Sucking Cock

In fact, this nasty brother had no problem filming his sister as she rode my throbbing schlong on the couch. His sister’s tight teenager pussy sliding up and down on my schlong as he filmed from below. The angles he got are killer with tons of good sister fucking shoot. It was a little weird for her having her brother right there as she fucked but she did a grand job taking my schlong deep in her wet teenager cunt.

Sister Porn

Sister Porn

If you hunger for to see Tommy’s sister dodge semen, then you need to check out her first porno shoot on  I do have to say that Maddy had such a good time fucking the old man that she came back and I fucked her in again. I’ll be putting that shoot up on Real Colorado Girls very soon. If you hunger for to shoot your sister, visit and drop me an email.

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HollieMarie xxxp skinny amateur teen brunette pbts sisp shaved sbj lbtsHi
Hi, my name is Holie Marie and My brother fucked me over and I’m pissed! It all started when a friend of mine asked if he could borrow a few of my brother’s old vinyl albums for a party he was DJ at. That part went superb – but wen I brought the records pad, I forgot and left them in the back seat of my wheels…… How was I supposed to know the cheap shit would melt? Amateur Sisters aren’t supposed to know these things.
My brother filmed me fucking
Anyway, my brother claims he can’t replace most his “melted” vinyl collection and wanted $500.00 RIGHT NOW! I had no fucking way to pay the erection sucker back so he told me he had found a way. The prick loaded me in his wheels – wouldn’t tell me where we were going – and drove me to some guys place. When my fucking brother rang the bell – and older guy answered and my fucking brother acted like he was an old friend. Brother: “Are you the guy that had the add in the paper?” Old Guy: “Why, did your sister piss you off?” – I knew I was in trouble already.
Gaging on a big cock
So the old guy had us sit on his couch and asked shit like “what did your sister do to make you so upset?” and “How much does she owe you?”. I tried to explain that I had no cash to pay him back and the old guy fuckin had the nerve to offer to let me do a smut video to earn the money. My fucking asshole for a brother was gonna pimp me out to pay for his fucking vinyl collection. The old guy was nice enough and I was just pissed off enough at my brother to do it – besides, I hadn’t been fucked hard in a few weeks and I could use a hard erection right then. The the old fart dropped the real bomb – he was not only going to fuck me – the old bastard was going to let my brother film him fucking me…….. Aaaargggg – why do brothers always yearn for to fuck with their little sisters?
Choking his sister
I was screwed, I had no cash, and my brother was going to kill me if I didn’t come up with some money fast so I decided to git on with it and get it over with. I was nervous at first – but the old fart sure knew how to devour coochie and the old bastard had a pretty monstrous cock – in fact, I wasn’t sure if my dainty tight little coochie was going to be able to take it all. Throughout the filming,my stupid fucking brother kept teasing me – every time I’d start to really get into it, he’d make some smart ass comment like “I always told you you were a bimbo – now you’re getting fucked like one” and “she hasn’t paid till you make her gag” – now how am I supposed to give hummer good with my brother making smart ass comments like that?
My Brother Filmed Me Fucking a Guy Called Papa
To make a long story small – The old bastard fucked me hard, pulling my hair, ass whipping my ass, and choking me – just like I like it! And the entire time, my nasty brother sat there and filmed his little sister getting fucked by an old man. Fuckin sick brother will probably sell the video to his buddies. He’ll probably download the entire DVD-quality video right from the website

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Last week my sister’s fucking cooder ate my lizard – now I know what you’re thinking but that’s not what I meant. You see, my stupid fucking sister has this stupid fucking cat that won’t stay the fuck out of my room. I had this unsurpassed terrarium and a really cool iguana lizard. Her cat got in the room and knocked the terrarium off the desk and the cat killed my iguana. My sister had no dough to pay for the lizard so I decided to pimp her lazy ass out to a guy that makes sister smut clips. I called the guy and told him what my sister’s cooder had done and asked him if he could help punish her for not watching her cat. He told me to bring the little cunt by his place later that evening and he would let me video he in my sister’s first smut video.

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My Sister

As soon as I got off work, I threw my sister in the cars and took her over to the guy’s abode. He invited us in and explained to my sister that she could earn the dough to pay for my iguana and e few2 extra dough for her – all she had to do was make a smut scene with him. She was pissed – at first she wanted to kill me but my sister had no way of paying me back except by fucking. She finally accepted and was ready to fuck the old guy but then he told her that I would be filming them. She didn’t long for her brother filming her nekkid – let alone having sex but the little cunt had no choice. It was either pay for the lizard or get the fuck out of my abode. So there I was, filming my sister suck this guys cock…. It was fucking unsurpassed to see how embarrassed she was at first – but then my sister started enjoying riding his colossal dick and it got a little weird again. My sister must have had half-a-dozen orgasms as she fucked in front of my camera. The little cunt kept moaning and fucking harder as I sat there and filmed her pink cooder taking this guy’s good-sized dick. I never knew my sister was such a fucking little tramp. Anyway, the guy said I did a ideal job filming my sister in her first smut scene and invited Cameron Dane back to make more smut if she wanted. He also told me I could download my sister’s first smut video at

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Tatiyana Williams was brand new to porn but that didn’t prevent her from showing us her great big boobies and her small little cunt. In this set, Tatiyana and Toby fuck for the first time ever and from the looks of it, Tatiyana is having as much fun as Toby as she flashes her great natural boobies in Tatiyana and Toby’s first real homemade sex movie together.

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Of course, Toby’s not going to let himself be outdone by a coed floozy like Tatiyana so he pulls on her undies making a sexy camel toe of the coed floozy’s puffy little cunt. He then pulls her undies aside and buries his face deep in her wet little cunt making the teenage cunt wiggle in ecstasy. If you like fine homemade sex shoots, then you need to check out the entire vid of this real amateur sex couple on Real Colorado Girls – do it today and you get two bonus porno sites free.

And yes, I will be adding free porno scenes of this cute amateur sex couple fucking so be sure to bookmark Real Homemade Sex shoots and return often.

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With unemployment at a all-time high it’s no wonder that siblings are looking for creative ways to make ends meet and some creative brothers have found that pimping their own sisters out is a unmarred way to make a little extra bucks. Dave had already decided that his sister needed to be punished for spending all the rent cash and after finding the add for Bring Me Your Sister  add online, Dave decided exactly how he was going to fuck his sister over – he would pimp the little cunt out in her first-ever porno vid and bucks in on the receipts.

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Delilah Daze Pimped By Her Brother

Like most loving brothers, Dave didn’t tell his perverted little sister what he had planned with the perverts at Bring Me Your Sister but just showed up on my doorstep with his sister in tow and a chip on his shoulder – he wanted his rent cash back and if it meant his sister would have to spread her legs and fuck an old man’s wrinkled meat – then so be it!  That said – I think Dave was a little surprided at how easy it was to talk his dwarf little sister into fucking in front of him. petite little Delilah was soon bent over the couch with her shaved little pussy just inches from her brother’s camera – just teasing him with the scent of her womanhood.

Delilah's Brother Films Her Cute Teen Ass

Delilah’s Brother videos Her Cute coed Ass

I think her brother was a little surprised when the old man she was fucking didn’t pull out to sperm but instead, filled her petite little teenage pussy with sperm – creampie style, then lifted his sister off his meat and let his his warm sperm drip out of her little cunt and all over the couch. Of course, Dave kept on filming and now you can all enjoy yhe first vid he ever made of his dwarf brunette sister – perky knockers and all.

Cum Dripping From His Sister

Cum Dripping From His Sister’s Pussy

To see the entire vid – join Bring Me Your Sister today.

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SadieSinz amateur teen brunette emo gnd

Sadie Sinz was in the Army and stationed at Ft. Carson, CO when she did her first porno clip. She was working on her separation but it had not gone through yet when we did her first bare images and her first lesbian and solo masturbation movies. In one of her movies, Sadie and Faith share a monster double-ended toy while hanging out in my basement. It’s very hot watching this monster dick-like toy sliding in and out of their tight coed pussies. Sadie’s amateur sex movies and images and be seen only at the Glass Mannequin – join today to see full-length hardcore shoots.

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FaithVega brunette Latina amateur teen tattooed gnd pltsI just released 28 free undressed images of Glass Mannequin model “Faith Vega”. Faith started working for us right after her 18th birthday. I have taken over 6,000 undressed softcore and hardcore pics and a good dozen movies of this sexy Mexican Girl teenager.

Faith has a liking for other teens and has starred in a number of lesbian porno videos as well as hardcore movies. She also likes her dildos – I think this horny amateur sex porno star has stuffed every sex vibrator we own up her thigh teen snatch.

At first Faith was a little reserved and was a bit shy about showing her snatch on camera but she soon relaxed and was fingering her clit for the world to see.

Faith has one of the prettiest vaginas of any model I’ve ever worked with. You can tell when she’s getting excited as her pink clit starts to swell and her tight snatch starts to get wet. Like so many amateur sex porno models, Faith gets very turned on by posing for the camera.

Check out the free porno images of Faith then sign up at so you can see her lesbian and hardcore shoots. You won’t regret it.

Added note – I just added another lesbian photo set of Faith on


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There’s something about Latina coeds that just makes one want to pull his dick out ad stuff it in her mouth – and the brunette Latina Joe Vargas is no exception. The first time I watched this sexy young mom sucking dick I knew I wanted to someday slip my throbbing dick onto her mouth and let her blow me until I fill her mouth with semen…….  Of course, seeing Joey’s king-sized doe eyes as she looks up while sucking a fat dick is just about enough to get most men to just fill her wet warm mouth with hot sticky semen.

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Joey Vargas Sucks Cock

See Joey Vargas sucking and fucking on Glass Mannequin today.

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OK – due to popular demand, I’m posting another lesbian film that we made at my place a short while back. Tasha had been hungering for to fuck Anistaija for a while and when Anistaija stopped by one afternoon, we decided to get-er-done. Anistaija is a bit less experienced that Tasha but she wanted to take charge and fuck her friend properly – problem is, Anistaija is more laid back and Tasha is an outright lesbian tramp – that loves fucking new teenager teens for the first time – I guess you could call her a lesbian predator.

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Of course, if you desire to see all of the teenager pussies that Tasha’s managed to drag by the abode and talk into letting me shoot them fucking, you’ll have to check out my websites at and

And if you like real homemade sex movies – you should really bookmark this fuckin page so you have plenty of jerk-off material for when the wife is out. Now back to the lesbian cunt munchers…… Actually, both of these teens are bi-sexual – that means that like pecker too ;-) . In my book, that’s a good thing. In fact, I’ve sucked both of then since filming this film and I put those video clips on my websites too.

So get off your ass and check out the best amateur sex smut on the internet. OK – I’m a little biased – but I do try to get plenty of vagina closeups and cute teens with unspoiled boobies and ass. Check them out on my three sites:

Glass Mannequin
Real Colorado Girls
Bring Me Your Sister

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ButterflyHaze amateur teen Latina brunette tattooed grudge plts gnd xxxp oldny lbts

Butterfly Haze has one of the cutest teen pussies that I’ve ever had the pleasure to fuck. I met Butterfly at a local filling station – her wheels had overheated and she was in tears, she needed to get to work but she had no way there. I offered Butterfly a ride and the rest is history.

Butterfly did her first amateur sex porno shoot the next day so that she could earn the bucks to fix her wheels. Over the next few weeks, I took hundreds of errant pictures and made dozens amateur sex porno vids of this hard body teen bimbo. In the middle of shooting her second amateur sex disrobed photo shoot, Butterfly asked how she could earn even more bucks – naturally I offered her the chance to do a hardcore clip. We were alone so we set up the cameras and in the kitchen and I proceeded to fuck her tight teen pussy as hard as I could – at one point, I even handed her the camera so I could fuck her harder. Pulling her hair as I grudge fucked her from behind, she moaned in pleasure and begged me to choke her a bit. Who am I to say no to a sexy teenage bimbo. After her 2nd orgasm, I shot a substantial load of semen on her tight teen pussy and let it drip slowly out. Butterfly is one of the finest teen muffies I have ever fucked.

Visit to watch the entire clip of me fucking Butterfly

Update – we just added another amateur sex porno clip of Butterfly to – Joint today to see closeup clip of Butterfly’s tight teen pussy.

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