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Blonde teen amateur LezlieThomas gets naked outdoors gnd bnts

Lezlie Thomas is a true outdoor babe that loves to go camping and hiking. We did this photo set at an old gold mine near Beune Vista Colorado. Lezlie was 18 when she started working for me and turned 19 this year. This teenager had never worked in smut before but she was soon licking pussies like a true smut star. There are 4 lesbian videos of Lezlie on GlassMannequin.com right now and I have five or six more to edit and post. Join today and see more amateur sex smut featuring this hot Colorado teenager tramp.

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I love amateur sex sex and watching an amateur sex coed have sex with an older man is my ultimate turn-on. So, when I found this site that has a few free video shoots of the cute little Lainna White fucking a man the same age as her grandfather, I couldn’t help but share it with you.  I’ll post a few photograph and the links – from what I can see, the old bastard warmed the coed up by inviting her to his hot tub – then finished indoors – tying her to the bed, fucking her like the little bimbo she is – then depositing a load of “old-man-spunk” all over her precious face.

Say hello to Ms. Lainna White – her perky cans, her immaculate round ass, she fellatio lips and her sweet little teenage cunt.

Amateur Teen Lainna White Getting Her Cunt Munched By An Older Man

Amateur teen Lainna White Getting Her Cunt Munched By An Older Man

You can view the free amateur sex sex video clips by clicking on the above image or download the full HQ video here: Glass Mannequin

Now – Imagine this mischievous teen sucking on your own cock…..

Amateur Teen Sucking An Old Man's Fat Cock

Amateur teen Sucking An Old Man’s Fat Cock

Or get in behind the hard-bodied dwarf flaxen as she presents her immaculate ass for your sexual pleasure!

Amateur Teen Booty - Ready For Your Cock

Amateur teen Booty – Ready For Your Cock

Enjoy! – And when you’re ready to see the HQ stuff – sign up to Glass Mannequin and download their entire collection of exclusive amateur sex porno to your hard drive.

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In my book, there is nothing as immaculate as spreading a teenagers butt cheeks and slamming your pecker as deep in her tight coed muffin as possible. Lucky for us, the guys at Glass Mannequin feel the same way  and have tons of hot pics and shoots of cute amateur sex teenagers their itty bitty little coochies filled with immense throbbing cocks. This picture is from a super hot clip of Thena fucking Richard Nailder. She had the giggles during the shoot and really had a good time – she even managed to have multiple orgasms.

Pounding Tight Teen Pussy ThenaSky amateur shaved booty xxxp bfc gnd

Pounding coed Pussy

Thena can also be see on Glass Mannequin’s two sister sites; Bring Me Your Sister and Real Colorado Girls. The good news is that you now get full access to all three exclusive sites for one low membership price. These sites are all packed full of true amateur sex models from the local area. So if you are really a true lover of amateur sex coed muffin – check out the sites and have fun jerking off to Thena and her friends.

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One of my members hit me up for more pictures of Honey Dew the other day so I dug through my stuff and found a few for you. Honey was one of the first 18 year old teenagers we ever shot for Glass Mannequin and she’s still one of my friends. In fact, with any luck, I’ll get her sister to make an appearance on Glass Mannequin. And yes, her sister is just as sexy as she is. This first picture was taken during her first studio set. She was a little nervous but the images are all sexy as hell. She even fingered her little shaved cooch on this set and we got a few real good closeups of her fingering her swollen teenager cooch.

HoneyDew brunette Latina teen boobs xxxp girlfriend amateur lcm pufp gnd 1tm

Honey Dew – Hot Mexican Girl amateur sex Teen

This next pis is from Honey’s first lesbian video. She was a little more comfortable here so she really let go with some serious lesbian cunt licking and real female orgasms for both teenagers. If you like hot amateur sex lesbians – this shoot is a must-see.

Honey Gets Her Pussy Licked

Honey Dew Gets Her cooch Licked

And yes, Honey did do a number of  hardcore films for Glass Mannequin – in this shoot, she’s fucking one of her boyfriends. The poor fucker had a little trouble keeping it hard but he did manage to finish. If you ask, I’ll tell you some of the funny behinds the vids shit that happened during this shoot. All in all we got some pretty good shoot of this little Mexican Girl hussy and we’ve posted them on our website for you to enjoy.

Latina Girl Get's Fucked

Latina girl Honey Dew Get’s Screwed

If you hunger for to see more of Honey and her amateur sex teenager friends, check out the free samples at Glass Mannequin – join today and get full access to Bring Me Your Sister and Real Colorado Girls at no aditional charge.

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Well sure I like being the neighborhood pervert – it means I get to fuck the neighbor’s daughters. Of course. And since I’ve lived here forever, I know which teens are at least 18. In fact, I have all their birthdays in my scheduler. Well, since I’m absolutely sure that Violet Little is 18, I took her out to the titty bar one night. The hot young mom got all horny looking at the sexy strippers so I brought her abode and fucked her HARD!

VioletLittle petite brunette girlfriend gnd teen amateur xxxp sbj

Gwad I love nasty amateur sex teenagers! And nasty teenagers that like to fuck old men are by far my favorite. And if they know how to suck cock as well as Violet it’s a good-sized plus! But don’t despair – I filmed then entire fuck session and put it on the web so you can see the whole vid on www.RealColoradoGirls.com

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JosieJoe tattooed lesbian brunette having shower sex gnd

I guess I have a thing for coeds with their girlfriend’s briefs in their mouth. Josie has more sex-appeal than any I’ve ever known. We used to go to the clubs together and this naughty little bitch would always find some unsuspecting teenage tramp to take abode with us. I lost track of how many smut shoots I’ve done with Josie but I do know that the shower shoot of her an Lezlie was a first for both of them. I still have hours of unedited smut film of Josie so get a membership to GlassMannequin.com today and enjoy new smut picture posts of Josie for some time to come.

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Anistaija first posed naked for Glass Mannequin Productions right after her eighteenth birthday. This sexy teenager has been doing smut ever since. Anistaija’s letter-perfect teenager body and her cute face make her one of the sexiest amateur sex models  to ever come out of Colorado. This cute topless picture is from her first ever topless photo session. These picture are the very first exposing this cute teenager’s pointy pierced nipples to the world. She was so shy that she never did pull her undies aside and flash her clean shaved muffin but in her next shoot, she showed us how she plays with her sexy little clit.

anistaija plts pierced skinny teen amateur blonde gnd panties


Anistaija is a true amateur sex and has only done smut for the perverts at Glass Mannequin Productions. She can be seen on all three of our sites, Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me Your Sister. Her pictures are all 100 percent exclusive  and she loves the  camera

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Redhead lesbian cuntmuncher Smokie Flame wanted to pop the dwarf teenage amateur sex teenage, Kyanna Raves, lesbian cherry and so when I asked her to do a lesbian shoot with the small little brunette for Glass Mannequin she jumped at the chance . It didn’t take Smokie long to have her new girlfriend spread out on the bed, her superior natural boobs in the air and her legs spread wide as Smokie fisted the dwarf brunette in her first on-camera lesbian porno shoot.

cuntmunchers smokieflame and kyannaraves lcm landingstrip nnts bnts

Cuntmunchers Smokie Flame and Kyanna Raves

Watch these two cuntmunchers on Glass Mannequin today.

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Jezzzzzz,  some stupid fuckers just don’t get it that all teenagers need a giant erection sometimes. man, it’s not that she wanted to marry me, she was just tired of fucking her your little erection so she would stop by when you were at work and let me fuck her little little muffy. In fact, after stretching her little little cunt out to fit a real erection, I sent the little bimbo back to you so she could feel sorry for you and your little little erection.

HolieMarie shaved pierced pussy skinny blonde teen xxxp gnd pufp bnts pbts

Damn – look how little her muffy was ;-)

Damn man, good thing the little bimbo let me video me fucking her or I wouldn’t be able to share these pictures of your precious little Holie-Marie with you. She sure has a sweet little muffy – and tight as hell – at least it feels that way to a “real” erection. Bet you can’t wait to see me stuff my fat 9? erection deep in her little cunt. Of course, It’s only proper that I let your teenager suck on my giant fucking dick before I split her wide open with it.

Poor girl almost choked on my cock

Poor teenager almost choked on my cock

Of course, she’s not used to sucking on a “man-sized” erection so she struggled getting all of my erection in her mouth but she did do a pretty good job considering what she had to work with at residence. Myabe you should loan her out to me more often so she can “practice” giving blowjob to a real man.

But teenagers will be teenagers and what they really lust after is a giant fat man-erection deep in their little cunts – and who am I to let a lady down?

Damn - your girlfriend really does have a tiny cunt

Damn – your girlfriend really does have a little cunt

She did moan a little as i rammed my whopping throbbing erection deep in her shaved little cunt but they were moans of pleasure. In fact, she was backing onto my erection as I took this picture – special for you – you should be grateful that I’m so fucking thoughtful. If you lust after to hear he moans, you’ll have to get your own fucking membership to www.realcoloradogirls.com cuz man, the moaning ain’t free.

Poor girl - my big cock is hurting her - NOT!

Poor teenager – my giant erection is hurting her – NOT!

Dude – does she moan in pain as you thrust your little little erection in the direction of her muffy or doe she fake it – pretend she’s feeling something when you’re barely tickling the edges. Well, for reference, look closely at her face, this is the face a teenager makes when her muffy is being filled with the erection of a real man.

Your girlfriend with my fat old 9" cock deep in her tiny cunt

Your girlfriend with my fat old 9

In fact, her face is priceless when she has all 9? of my fat fucking erection buried deep in her little little cunt – did I say that she likes me to play with her swollen little clit while I fuck her? Maybe you should try that – she sure loved it when I did it – but then again, it’s probably not the same without the giant erection banging against her cervix – but what do i know?

Now man, don’t be gettin all butt-hurt cuz I really didn’t do your teenager no harm – she was loving it the whole time. In fact, I figured you would love to see the smile on her face after I shot a whopping load of my hot sticky semen allover her belly and little shaved muffy.

Your girl with my cum all over her belly

Your teenager with my semen all over her belly

Of course, you can feel free to get a membership – then you can watch the entire video of me fucking your girlfriend – in fact, I’m feeling nice today so i’ll throw in a bonas membershit to my other two sites; www.bringmeyoursister.com and www.glassmannequin.com so you can watch all the scenes of me fuckin your little sweety.

Now thank the nice old man for taking such good wheels of your teenager.

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Anistaija was still very new to smut when she shot this solo masturbation video but she was having so much fun with the vibrating red dildo that she totally forgot that the camera was there. Bending her legs behind her fellatio, this skinny teen with the fine breasts and pierced nipples stuffed the red dildo deep inside her wet little cunt. The vibrating tip stimulated her clit as the dildo filled her wet cooder to it’s limits.

anistaija skinny teen pierced amateur shaved landingstrip gnd dildo sfm plts

Anistaija Masturbates With A red Dildo

Anistaija can be seen on all three of our sites, Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me Your Sister. Her pics are all 100 percent exclusive  and she loves to fuck herself for the camera.

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