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Anistaija amateur teen skinny brunette plts plts pbts shaved pufm xxxp gndAnistaija had just turned 18 when she decided to do amateur sex teen smut for I had worked with one of her friends and Anistaija had heard that we were looking for sexy teen teenagers in the Colorado Springs, CO area to pose nekkid for our teen amateur sex smut site.When Anistaija showed up at my doorstep she was a nervous wreck. She needed the bucks so that she could pay her rent but she had never taken her clothes off in front of the camera before. Well, it took some time to get this sexy teen relaxed but her clothes came off soon enough and she spread her teen cooch for the world to see.

After her first nekkid set, she was so excited she agreed to come back and over the next few months, I took over 12,000 pictures and 23 shoots of this tight teen amateur sex fucking, sucking and playing with her girlfriends. Anistaija is proof that Colorado produces some of the finest amateur sex smut stars on the internet.

See Colorado Springs finest amateur sex coeds getting fucked.

P.S. – after her first set – she was so horny that I licked her sweet teen cooch until she begged me to fuck her.

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I love a cute petite amateur sex spunk-bitch and Delilah Daze is as cute as they come. In this video shot for Glass Mannequin, the small Delilah puts in one of her best performances yet on camera. Delilah was hanging out in my back yard reading a book so I decided to grab a camera and interrupt her reading….   Delilah put the book aside and was soon riding my schlong – no itty bitty feat for such a small babe.

Delilah Daze delilahdaze petite brunette oldny xxxp outdoor plts shaved teen amateur lbts ittybitty cumshot facial

Delilah Daze

I absolutely love Delilah’s perky little knockers and a sweet coed coochie but it’s her little round ass that I love the most and feeling my balls slapping her ass as I hammered her small little coochie with my fat schlong was so superior that it was hard not to fill her little cunt with hot sticky spunk right then and there – but I held off, I wanted to cover her in spunk and I could feel a large load building up – time to give her her first real facial.

Fucking Petite Little Delilah

Fucking petite Little Delilah

Putting the petite brunette on her back, I spooned with the sexy coed, forcing my fat schlong as deep in her little cunt as possible. Delilah came first and shortly thereafter, I pulled out and shot a large load spunk allover her fine knockers and cute coed face. The entire video can be seen on Glass Mannequin.

Delilah Covered In Cum

Delilah Covered In Cum

See more of this naughty spunk-bitch on Glass Mannequin – join today and get full access to two additional amateur sex sites for free.

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VioletLittle petite brunette amateur teen shaved xxxp sisp gnd sbj ondny

OK OK – I did fuck up my brother’s new film game – and of course he was pissed but the bastard didn’t have to pimp me out to pay for it. My fucking brother is an asshole! He never lets us play with his shit so when he caught me playing with his new play-station, I jumped up to run before he beat my butt and I tripped on the cables and pulled it off the TV and it crashed to the ground. Piece-of-shit broke and my brother was ready to kill me. He had saved for a long time to get the fucking stupid thing and now it was ruined – worst part is I had no money to pay the jerk- off back. I locked myself in my room and prayed he wouldn’t kill me.

A few hours later he showed up at my door and was being kinda nice – said he had found a way I could pay him back and it would be easy work. I still didn’t trust the fucker but he talked me into going with him. What he didn’t tell me was he was going to film me fucking an old man, who would pay him for my teenager muffy. We got to to this guys abode and he answered the door, there were all these film cameras in the old farts abode. The old guy sat us down on the couch and asked why my brother was pissed. Now I’m usually a good sister so I wanted to make this right but I wasn’t too keen on fucking this guy – and I was even less keen on fucking him with my brother in the room – and even less keen on fucking him while my brother filmed me – but I didn’t have much of a choice.

Sister Sucks CockSister Takes Cock

I guess at some point I decided I was going to do it because before I knew it, the old fucker had my pants off and was licking my wet little pussy. It felt really good – and a little weird to have my brother filming it. Pretty soon I forgot that the sick pervert was filming me and started to really get into it – seems this old fart knows how to please a girl. When I pulled his pants down and saw his whopping dick for the first time, I grinned, this wasn’t going to be that bad after all. The old guy fucked me hard and I came just before he did. My fucking pervert of a brother laughed as the old bastard shot hot jizz all oner my soft titties.

I’m pretty sure my brother got a copy of the video from the old fart that fucked me cuz he spends less time playing film games now and more time locked in his room – sick fucker………….. You can see the entire video (and a bunch of other misbehaving sister’s vids too) on the old farts web site at – it’s kinda hot seeing myself get fucked!

Kisses, Violet

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Not every sister that we fuck is as willing (or wonderfully horny) as our newest sister, Blaze Burnz. Blaze’s brother Sage was pissed at her for wrecking one of his drums so he decided to pimp her out in her first ever porno clip – and yes….. this is the first smut that Blaze ever did so enjoy the nervous amateur sex mom as she takes a hard schlong deep in her cunt as her brother videos it. Blaze is a local alt coed that has more tattoos and piercings than most people have keys on their key-chain. She also has one of the nicest little butts and clean teenager snatches that I’ve ever seen.

BlazeBurnz blonde Latina amateur hym pierced tattooed sisp xxxp gnd shaved

Blaze Burnz Shows Her Brother Her Pussy

Now both her and her brother swear that this is the first time that he has seen his sister’s pussy but one can never know. He sure seamed more comfortable filming his sister fucking than she did letting him that close to her shaved little cunt. Of course, by the time Richard Nailder had hammered her cunt properly, Blaze was ready to go apartment – but not without making plans in her own mind on how to come back and get paid again for fucking the old man. Maybe next time without her brother.

Blaze Does Her First Porn Video

Blaze Does Her First porno Video

In this picture of Blaze and her brother, she is taking a hard schlong deep in her tight little cunt as her brother gets as close as he can with the camera. Lucky for us, the entire sister porno clip can be seen on Bring Me Your Sister for just a few dough. In fact, you can see dozens of sisters getting fucked for the first time on camera as their brother’s film them fucking. That said, not all the sisters love schlong as much as Blaze – she’s a real natural when it comes to fucking on camera so expect her to return.

Blaze Burnz Cumming

Blaze Burnz Cumming

If you like these super-sexy photograph of the hard-bodied hot young mom than you are going to love the fuck-clip her brother made of her – see it all on Bring Me Your Sister today.

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I know I don’t post here often enough but I’ve been so damn busy making nasty pictures that I have no time left to post any of them her on my blog. Anyway, the guys at Glass Mannequin just put up two free galleries of my first time on camera. I know most of you know me at that cute Latina coed with the cute smile, pointy cans, and firm round ass but I’m also a lesbian that loves a goo cunt-munchin once in a while. And it was my itchin to get my muff licked that led to me doing my first porn ever. And what better teenager to audition with than my high school girlfriend, Anistaija.

Anistaija and Jayda Garcia

Me and Anistaija – I’m Already Wet!

Go ahead and click on the pictures of me and Anistaija to see the free galleries of my first smut video clip. I was real nervous but you can’t imagine how horny I was, Imagining cute boys jerking off to video clip shoots of my wet little muff. Imagine how sweet my little muff tastes – then grab your credit card and join Glass Mannequin so you cam want to the entire video clip – after all, how often do you see a muff as wet and ready as mine is?

Jayda Garcia's Wet Teen Pussy

My Wet coed muff Getting Licked Bt My Girlfriend

Join Glass Mannequin today and get free access to two additional sites – that include every smut I’ve made so far. Enjoy!

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ButterflyHaze petite brunette teen amateur gnd pierced sisp xxxp pltsI was digging through a few of the froward pics that we’ve taken for the Bring Me Your Sister site and I found this super cute picture of Butterfly Haze just before Richard fucked her. She still wasn’t sure why she had let her brother talk her into making her first amateur sex porno video but the poor cunt owed her brother cash and he wasn’t going to let her leave till the little tramp paid him.

Anyway She did let the old fart fuck her and I helped her brother video it all. Her brother was a bit weirded out by it all but I’m pretty sure he got a but excited watching his sister’s pink cooder take Richard’s mammoth pecker. Butterfly usually only fucks teenagers so she has a little trouble taking all of Richard’s pecker but she gave it a stellar try. Richard later said that she had the tightest pussy he had ever fucked – lucky bastard.

You really should check out all of her pics and the video too – Bring Me Yous Sister

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Every neighborhood has at least one hussy and in my neighborhood, Maxi Booty is queen of the sluts! Now don’t get me wrong, I love sluts so being the neighborhood hussy is a good thing. In fact, Maxi Booty being the neighborhood hussy is a exquisite thing! For those of you wankers that have never seen Maxi Booty doing her thing, I highly recommend taking a look at some of her porno on Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girls.

Maxi Booty and Richard Nailder

Maxi Booty and Richard Nailder

Maxi is a cute Colorado teen that started in the porno with us shortly after turning 18. Lucky for me she lives just a few blocks away and is always willing to stop by and give me a fellatio – so long as I fuck her tight little muffy as hard as I can when she’s done.

Maxi Booty Sucks My Cock

Maxi Booty Sucks My Cock

And what red-blooded man would turn down a chance to fuck this sexy teen with her teen-next-door look, her faultless natural tits  and her succulent coed booty?  I know I never will and I’m sure not many other men would either.  See her free galleries by clicking on the photograph.

Fucking The Neighborhood Slut

Fucking The Neighborhood Slut

Maxi has worked with me dozens of time and you can see all of her movies by joining any one of my sites – join one and get full access to the remaining sites free!

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Now if you are going to go camping don’t forget the beer, brats and two very sexy lesbians that spend all day fucking in your tent. To hell with fishing and hunting, if you were looking at this in your tent would you really long for to leave your campsite? Hell no, you’d be right there wanking as these two babes lie kissing in your tent. See more of Butterfly Haze and her friend Tasha Burke on Real Colorado Girls.

butterflyhaze tasheburke lcm gkg outdoor

Didn’t take these two long to start the "recreation"

It is obvious these two brunette lesbians are ready and willing to fuck, it didn’t take long and Tasha had her hands all over the hard-bodied Latina Butterfly Haze. With Butterfly always being a submissive little fuck it didn’t take long for the more experienced lesbian Tasha to take advantage of this unmarred opportunity to play with her sweet shaved butterfly-snatch. Tasha practically ripping at Butterfly’s clothes to get at her pointy melons and tight teen snatch.


Butterfly always submits to a dominant tramp like Tasha

Once the clothes come off then the real fun begins and out come the toys and tongues for a wave of orgasm that never seems to stop. Tasha has Butterfly exactly where she wants her and this cute 18 year old teen is in for a weekend that she will never forget. The pleasure never seems to stop between these two hot lesbians and the camera only seem to encourage them more.


What’s better than a tight slit? Answer: Two tight slits

See more lesbian booty visit Real Colorado Girls today.

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