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Novels tell about love and about pure relations but even the most romantic teenagers cannot date without crazy sex. This amateur sex teenager couple observes the decencies in public but when they are at dwelling they reveal their natures. It turns out that they have thoughts that are full of lust.

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They are so horny that they do not wait for taking off all their clothes and start caressing each other right away. They use tongues, hands and lips to play with each other and to prepare their bodies for hard sex. They shot a full length photo set that night and now it is available for downloading at

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This was Thena’s first disrobed photo shoot and she was a bit nervous but she still managed to spread her legs and show us all her shaved little coed muffin. Thena and I had gone for a bike ride up Highway 66 near Lyons Colorado where we found this old freight train parked on a spur rail next to the gypsum plant. It looked so inviting that we decided to ignore the no-trespassing signs and get a few pics. She was a little worried that her hair was too messed up from the bike ride but I assured her no one would ever see the pics so she removed her jeans and started climbing all over the dirty train autos. The lighting was beautiful and her smooth skin reflected the light, making me desire to reach up and caress her perky coed tits. There was just enough breeze to keep her nipples hard but the sun was warm enough that she enjoyed getting undressed.

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Amateur coed Thena

By the end of the shoot, Thena was covered in soot from the train. She had been masturbating so she has dirty black fingerprints all over her little coed muffin and on her firm perky tits.  In a way, this turned me on even more – having a teenager that’s not afraid to have a little dirty fun on a warm summer day.  But there was no way that I could take Thena abode to her mom looking like someone has just molested her in a coal yard so we decided to sneak through the woods to a nearby stream and get her a little cleaned up.

Thena Is A Dirty Girl

Thena Is A Dirty Girl

Lucky for us, I took my camera with me and filmed Thena washing the coal dust from the train from her body. Although, as I look at the pics, I think she spent way too much time washing her muffin and she appeared to be enjoying the cool water and warm sunshine almost as much as she was enjoying the finger stuffed deep in her wet little muffin.

Thena Cleans Her Shaved Teen Pussy

Thena Cleans Her Shaved coed Pussy

I took almost 500 pics of Thena in her first disrobed amateur sex photo shoot and they are all available for you to enjoy on Glass Mannequin. She is still a little pissed at me for howing these pics because I kinda promised that they were for my personnal collection – but she’ll get over it :-)

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Jayda is a mischievous little cunt and she never passes up on an opportunity to fuck in front of the camera. We were scheduled to do a unclothed shoot but when the little cunt showed up, she insisted on fucking her “friend” – the purple sextoy that she had brought with her. Of course I obliged her ;-) .

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This was Jayda’s 2nd unclothed shoot ever and she was still a little nervous. It’s easy to see in the free video scenes that she need a bit of instruction but she does a terrific job of spreading her shaved coed cooder and inserting the purple sextoy to it’s hilt. If yoy’ve never seen one of Jayda’s porno clips, you’ll be amazed at how firm her petite coed titties are. When she rolls over,and sticks her round little ass in the air, if you’re any man at all, you’ll hunger for to get up behind her and slide your throbbing pecker right into her petite little cunt.

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Now since I’m such a nice guy, I put a mini-site together with a bunch of free porno scenes of this sexy coed stuffing her dildo friend into her little cunt – if you hunger for to see the entire video in full HQ – you need to check out our members area at

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My sister Tasha Burke owed me $700.00 and had no fucking coin to pay me back so I decided film her in her first porno scene to get my coin back. As luck would have it, I found an add in the local paper looking for nasty sisters willing to fuck on camera for cash. And since my sister is a total fucking hussy, I decided I would pimp my her out in her first porno scene.

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Make me An Offer – Then Fuck My Sister

My sister probably wouldn’t have made the porn but the little cunt had no way to pay me and I wasn’t letting her off without my coin. What I didn’t plan on was that I would be filming my sister in her first porno video – but filming my own sister turned out to be hotter than I ever would have imagined.

My Nasty Sister In Her First Porn Video

My nasty Sister In Her First porno Video

Of course, if you want to see the porno scene I made of my sister, you have to check out

Paying To Fuck My Sister

Paying To Fuck My Sister

And for a limited time – get a membership on and get unlimited access to two bonus sites: and – my sister made more porno and put it there ;-)

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There’s nothing funner than watching two sex-crazed teen moms fuck for the camera and that’s exactly what we got when we put Thena Sky and Blaze Burnz together in this hot pussy licker photo and shoot. It all started when the little cunts showed up at the house lusting after to have a little fun. Being the froward old grandpa that I am, I was more than willing to grab a camera and make a babes kissing shoot of these froward lesbian shoot of these two Real Colorado Girls. Blaze is a horny local petite chick that met Thena at a party we threw for all the froward sisters that had fucked for their froward brother on Bring Me Your Sister and the two sweet lesbians had been trying to hookup ever since.

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Hot Lesbian Moms Thena Sky and Blaze Burnz

If you want to see more of these sweet lesbians then be sure to pull out your king-sized fat boner and your credit card and join Real Colorado Girls today. As a bonus, I’ll give you full access to two bonus sites at no extra charge.

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There is nothing that turns Maxi on as much as casual sex and when she needs a fat schlong she stops by the neighbor’s dwelling for a good fucking. Now how many hard-bodied teens with a amazing round butt and perky boobies do you know that like to fuck old men just for the fun of it?  This sex session all started when Maxi stopped by to see how Richard Nailder was coming along on editing her last clip. She had just gotten her own camera and wanted to try it out and soon the cute teenager was masturbating as the old man helped her. Of course – he puts the video on his amateur porno site for you to enjoy.

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Maxi Booty Visits The Neighbor

Of course, what kind of man would turn down the chance to video this sexy teen dark haired fingering her tight little cunt? In fact, what kind of man wouldn’t lust after to jump in and help if he had a teenager as sexy as Maxi Booty masturbating just inches from him? I for one would lust after nothing more than to bury my fat schlong deep in her wet little cunt. And that’s just what Maxi’s neighbor did.

Maxi Booty Masturbating

Maxi Booty Masturbating

And that’s exactly what Maxi’s neighbor did. Despite being well over twice her age, this dirty old bastard soon had maxi riding his throbbing schlong and moaning in pleasure as she climbed onto his chair and slid her wet little muff down onto his throbbing old schlong. Pulling her panties aside and spreading her butt-cheeks, the old bastard felt her tight cunt engulf his schlong as she arched her back and rode his fat old schlong.

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Maxi Booty Fucking The Neighbor

To see more of maxi Booty fucking – be sure to visit Glass Mannequin – by joining today, you get full access to the site where Maxi did her first-ever porno, Bring Me Your Sister, for no additional cost.

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Maddy had pissed her brother off pretty bad and he wanted retribution – and what better way to get even with your sister than to make her give a sloppy fellatio to the dirty old man next door? And that’s exactly what Maddy Marks sick fucking brother did to the froward teenager cunt when she drew little cocks all over his guitar. You heard me right – Maddy Marks has a thing for little cocks – the rooster kind…..  But since her brother had no real interest in cocks – especially when they are drawn all over his guitar, he mad his sister suck penis – and he filmed the little floozy slobbering all over the his stiff penis.

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Maddy Sucks penis As Her Brother Films

You can see the entire scene Maddy’s brother made at Bring Me Your Sister today.

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I’ve always loved petite teens but when I met Anistaija, I flipped out. This 5?1" teen has the finest boobs/ass/twat combo I’ve ever seen on one teenager. At Glass Mannequin Productions, we strive to find amateur sex teenagers that have never before been see on video. This was the case with Anistaija. These pics are from her first-ever semi-nekkid photo shoot. Anistaija was not yet sure if she wanted to do porno or not, but she was more than willing to let me do a “glamor” shoot. She relaxed quickly and I soon had her posing half nekkid for the world to see.

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Now trust me, Anistaija may have been shy on her first nekkid photo shoot, but it didn’t take me long to get this hard-bodied teen to do hardcore porno. Anistaija was soon licking other petite teen twats, playing with other babes firm teen titties, and taking hard boner up her own petite teen cunt and tight teen ass. Best part is you can see all of her pictures and films on Now I wouldn’t have thought that such a sexy teen could take so much boner…….. But I’ve been wrong before. Anistaija likes babes too and we have some serious cunt-eating footage of her and half a dozen other teen sluts on the site and one FFM threesome shoot that is to die for.

Firm Teen Tits

I just got off the phone with Anistaija and she’s coming back to shoot more amateur porn – and maybe even do another glamor shoot. As soon as I get the shoot edited, I’ll have it on for us all to jerk off too.

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I had the chance to audition the skinny and very sexy Jager Nightly in her first-ever hardcore porno vid – and I even let her own brother video her fucking me – after all, that’s what Bring Me Your Sister is all about. As is typical, Jager’s brother hadn’t warned her that he was taking her to a porno producer so she could “earn” the bucks she owed him, he just got her in the ride and showed up at my door with his sister. To our surprise, his sister was down to the idea of fucking me but having her brother there filming was almost to much…… at first ;-)

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Jager Nightly Filmed By Her Brother

But I wouldn’t be posting pictures of Jager’s brother if I hadn’t fucked his sister so I’ll post a free pic of the very curvy beautiful black teenager bent over on my couch, her unblemished full and firm teenager breasts swaying under their own considerable weight, her unblemished round brown butt in the air as I slid my throbbing schlong slowly into the warmth and wetness of her swollen teenager coochy.

First Time On Camera & Filmed By Her Brother

First Time On Camera & Filmed By Her Brother

Members of Bring Me Your Sister get no-limit downloads, and free access to my other sites, Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girls.

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Many teens do everything in order to keep their reputations. This sexy blonde amateur sex coed was not an exception until that day. That day she met a handsome guy whom she liked so much that she decided to forget about everything and to give way to her passion for his hot body and dick.

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Though she had already made the decision to fuck him, the naughty teen still could not relax. Luckily the boy turned out to be rather experienced and managed to use his fingers and tongue to turn the cute blonde on. Downloadable and full length video shows how a good coed turns into a sex-frenzied teenager.

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