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Jayda Garcia is the sexiest long-haired Latina teenager I’ve ever had walk through the doors at Glass Mannequin and ask if she could do porno. Jayda had come along with her girlfriend, Anistaija, on one of her sets and when we were done shooting Anistaija came to me and asked if she could audition her teenager girlfriend in her first chick-chick video clip. I was ecstatic and after completing the required paperwork, the chick headed to the bedroom for what was to be Jayda’s first appearance on camera ever – her teenager porno audition.

Jayda Garcia and Anistaija In Jayda's Lesbian Audition jaydagarcia amatewur teen 1tm plts lnpls brunette gnd teen amateur lesbian lcm Latina

Jayda Garcia and Anistaija in Jayda’s lesbian audition

Jayda was a doll from the very beginning – sure she was a little nervous but I think that just made her more appealing. Her girlfriend got things started and soon Jayde had forgotten about the cameras and was enjoying the perfect oral sex her girlfriend was performing on her.

Jayda Garcia gets her pussy eaten for the first time on camera

Jayda Garcia gets her cooch eaten for the first time on camera

Her legs spread wide, the petite Latina coed moaned as her girlfriend buried her tongue deep in her sweet little lesbian cooch for the first time on camera. Jayda Garcia was fucking her girlfriend for the first time on camera – download the full video or view the free trailer.

The first closeup of Jayda's pussy being eaten

The first closeup of Jayda’s cooch being eaten

Members of Glass Mannequin also get full access to Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me Your Sister at no extra charge.

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Hi – I’m Gracelynn Moans and I do smut for fun as much as for the bucks so when my friend Richard Nailder from Real Colorado Girls  invited me to make a film while watching the Colorado sunrise. We packed up all the gear and headed to the mountains near where I live and we were soon making out as the sun rose over the prairies to the east lighting the Colorado Mountains to our backs…..

Gracelynn Moans and Richard Nailder Watching The Colorado Sunrise gracelynnmoans xxxp outdoor amateur blonde teen oldny gnd tattooed sbj pufm pierced shaved bfc

Gracelynn Moans and Richard Nailder Watching The Colorado Sunrise

Looking out to the east we watched the warm glow of the morning sky as Richard slipped his hands into my undies….. soon we were bot bare and I was on my knees sucking the old man’s fat cock. Nothing like a fat cock for breakfast and lucky for you, we brought the Real Colorado Girls camera crew along and filmed me getting my cock-breakfast as the sun rose.

Sucking Cock At Sunrise

Sucking cock At Sunrise

But I wanted a cock deep in my dripping wet puffy shaved pussy and my friend was more than willing to oblige me….  Imagine your cock posed to enter my tight little pussy – I can’t wait ;) – But in the meantime, you can download the full film on Real Colorado Girls and start wanking now – In fact, you get over 25 perverted shoots and photo sets of me (and a hundred other babes) on three exclusive sites for one low price – join now and start wanking for real.

First Cock Of The Morning

First cock Of The Morning

The old man fucked my tight teen pussy as the sun crested over the horizon, it’s war glow on my body, I climaxed multiple times before the old man blew a load of hot semen all over my unmarred round ass. What a way to start a day – a Real Colorado Girls day.

First Orgasm Of the Morning

First Orgasm Of the Morning

If you like me – and long for to see more of my shoots than anywhere else on the internet, then join Real Colorado Girls and start downloading. Join today and I’ll make sure you get full access to Bring Me Your Sister and Glass Mannequin for free.

XOXOXOX Gracelynn Moans

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Bree is one of those coeds that did one porno shoot then disappeared form the porno video – lucky for us, I have thous pics and Ive decided to share them with you on Real Colorado Girls. This redheaded Colorado coed has more than pretty blue eyes, she also has a pierced clitoris and the grand puffy muffy and a unblemished set of firm natural coed knockers.

petite redhead amateur teen pierced puffy muffy pufp pbts bnts pufn gnd shaved pussy 1tm

Colorado coed – Bree: Redhead coed with Blue Eyes, Pierced clitoris and a wet little swollen Muffy

Bree’s sister had been doing porno with us for  a few months and Bree needed a little coin so she came with her sister to a shoot. It wasn’t long before this 18 year old redhead was showing her swollen muff to the camera – and thus the world.  See Bree fingering her wet little coochy on Colorado Girls.. And because I’m feeling nice, I’ll give you full access to two more sites that have her froward sister fucking – free of charge ;-)

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I love it when a new amateur girl with first-class perky little tits and a shaved little cunt asks to audition in her first teen porno movie – and I love it even better when the teen passes the audition “test” with flying colors. This was the case with Cynthia Jay. This sexy 18-year-old teen with perky little tits likes men, women and a nice variety of sex toys. In this audition movie, Cynthia Jay tests the proper application of two “sextoy Factory” dildos at the same time. Cynthia is a cute 18 year old blonde girl from Colorado that loves to have her clitoris stimulated and the purple dildo did just the job she needed done to get this tattooed teenager to climax in waves. Real amateur sex coeds.

See the entire solo female masturbation movie of Cynthia Jay – only on Real Colorado Girls

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Sweet lesbian sex is what I had in mind when I found this hot vid of pornstar Katie May fucking the 18 year old newcomer Piper Brady. It was obvious to me that these two sweeties were into lesbian sex and watching the cute blonde Katie May sliding the small purple dildo over the over-sized-titted Piper Brady’s swollen coed clitoris was enough to make me yearn for to see the rest of the vid.  After a painless signup procedure I was soon in the depths of the members area of Glass Mannequin watching a streaming vid of these two hot lesbians kissing, finger fucking and using dildo’s on each other. The amazing amateur sex lesbian sex vid to spank my monkey to.

lesbian teen amateur gnd bnts dildo eighteen forgasm gfm gkg shaved booty blonde brunette lcm

Piper Brady and Katie May

I then watched the two coeds scissoring and then they did a fabulous job of devouring each other’s tight little muffins clean – bringing each other to climax as they played with each other like only true lesbian lovers can. See the entire amateur sex lesbian vid on Glass Mannequin today.

landingstrip lcm pussy

Piper Licks Katie’s Pussy

More lesbian scenes on Glass Mannequin

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One nice thing about working for Glass Mannequin Productions is the fact that we get to do all the filming for Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me Your Sister and by far the funnest video clips we set are the ones where desperate brothers pimp out their sisters for a few buck dough. That’s exactly how we first met Violet Little. This 4-foot 11-inch brown haired with the d-cup brazier had pissed off her brother so bad he was ready to film her in her teenager porno audition – yes you heard me, her brother was taking the camera from the old man at Bring Me Your Sister and getting ready to film his own little sister getting fucked for the first time on camera.

Violet Little Looks Shocked As Her Brother Takes The Camera Brother violetlittle xxxp sisp oldny eighteen 1tm bnts petite brunette amateur teen sbj hcm pufm cum facial

Violet Little Looks Shocked As Her Brother Takes The Camera Brother

You can see a hint of terror on his sister’s face as he takes the camera but the terror soon turns to passion as this froward young mom starts kissing the older man that runs Bring Me Your Sister. His sister later told me that when she climbed up on the old man’s knee she could feel his over-sized pecker through her shorts and she was immediately turned on – that’s when she first decided she wanted to be fucked – she wanted to feel the old man’s over-sized pecker in her already dripping wet teenager muff – even if her brother was right there with a camera filming – she wanted that over-sized pecker!

Violet Soon Forgets Her Brother And Starts Kissing The Old Man

Violet Soon Forgets Her Brother And Starts Kissing The Old Man

But every proper porn audition needs a cunt munching movie and although she later stated that it was hard waiting to feel that over-sized pecker, she sure enjoyed the foreplay and as she put it The old man knows how to devour muff”. Playing with her hard nipples, the young mom ignored her brother as the old man peeled back the hood of her clit and licked gently on her little rose-button clit.

Violet's Brother Films Her Getting Her Sweet Teen Pussy Licked

Violet’s Brother shoots Her Getting Her Sweet teenager muff Licked

By now the short brown haired was ready for some of that king-sized pecker she had been riding as her and the old man had made out. Kneeling in front of him, she unbuttoned his pants in anticipation. In the video clip you can actually she Violet grin as she gets her first glimpse of a pornstar size pecker…… she obviously liked what she saw. Download the full video clip here.

Violet Bites Her Lip In Excitement As She Unbuttons The Old Man's Pants

Violet Bites Her Lip In Excitement As She Unbuttons The Old Man’s Pants

But no porno audition is complete without a blowjob and this cute young mom was looking forward to slobbering all over the old man’s pecker. In fact, I think she even forgot that it was her brother holding the camera as his sister tasted the over-sized pecker for the first time. When I later talked to Richard he said that Violet gave some of the best bj he had ever had and he was really hoping that his scrumptious young thing would be back to do more video clips. As it turns out, he got his way – this was just the first of over a dozen hardcore video clips Violet Little has made since she first auditioned – all included in your membership at Bring Me Your Sister.

Violet Little Teases The Huge Cock In Her Porn Audition

Violet Little Teases The over-sized pecker In Her porno Audition

I know – you’ve all been waiting to get a look at his sister’s muff – so have I! ;) Even better if it’s poised to take the old man’s over-sized pecker. Any brother would be proud to get pics of his sister’s muff this good and Violet’s brother was no exception. Getting close her brother got this exquisite shot of his sister fingering her clit as the tip of the over-sized pecker enters her wetness.

Violet Little Gets Her First Huge Cock On Camera

Violet Little Gets Her First over-sized pecker On Camera

In this picture from Violet’s teenager porno audition you can see the energy this little teenager brings to porno – slamming his over-sized pecker balls-deep in the short teenager’s little cunt, the old man fucked the little girl like she had never been fucked before – and she loved every second of it! Download the full video clip here.

Slamming A Huge Cock Deep In His Sister

Slamming A over-sized pecker Deep In His Little Sister

Thirty seven minutes from the time her brother took the camera in his hand, his sister looked up to see a over-sized load of sticky cum flying at her face – her lucky brother had just filmed his sister receiving her first facial! His little sister had just completed her sister porno audition and was now covered in cum.

Violet Little Gets Her Audition Facial

Violet Little Gets Her Audition Facial

I thought I would post one last picture of this up-and cumming pornstar – looks like she had a flawless time and it wasn’t long and she was back for more of the old man’s fat pecker. Join Bring Me Your Sister today to download the full video – including Violet Little’s first on-screen orgasm.

Looks Like Violet Had Fun - More To Come ;)

Looks Like Violet Had Fun – More To Come ;)

Join Bring Me Your Sister today and get full access to every porno video clip Violet Little has ever made.

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Maxi Booty needed a break from the boredom so she stopped by the neighbor’s place for a quickie in the shade. Not that she minds fucking younger guys but they are always so inexperienced – they never got her off like the old guy that lived next door…. so when Maxi needs some errant sex she always heads to the neighbors.

Nasty Teen Fucks The Neighbor maxibooty xxxp oldny outdoor gnd tattooed plts booty hcm sbj

Nasty teen Fucks The Neighbor

Speaking of blowjob – this cute teenager-next-door loves giving blowjob as much as she likes receiving it so after the old man got her off orally, she returned the favor by sucking the old man’s fat pecker.

Sucking The Neighbor's Cock

Sucking The Neighbor’s Cock

But she wanted more than to suck the old man’s pecker – she wanted his fat pecker burred deep in her puffy little teen cunt. She wanted to spunk while fucking and this old man gets her off every time – even when the younger men in her life couldn’t.

Maxi Booty Fucks The Neighbor

Maxi Booty Fucks The Neighbor

See more of Maxi on Real Colorado Girls – including her first hardcore vids.

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Last week I showed you most of the video shoots of me fucking Kaydence Skye as her brother filmed it – this week, I’ll let you see me cumming all over her shaved little cunt then stuffing my penis back in her tight little cunt and finishing my orgasm – creampie style. If you long for to know the entire story on how I got to fuck this tattooed coed cheerleader, you’ll have to read the earlier posts but let me just say, she’s as fun to watch as she is to fuck – you can even ask her brother because he was the one holding the camera only inches from his sister’s little cunt as I fucked her tight little twat.  Hell – you can download the entire clip on Bring Me Your Sister and enjoy more than these pissy little teasers.

KaydenceSkye petite redhead amateur teen tattooed braces plts sisp xxxp gnd

In fact – there are a ton of hot “sisters” being filmed by their brothers in their very first porno clip on my site – Bring Me Your Sister – no where else can you see such kinky family sex – where brothers pimp their sisters out in their very first porno clip just to get a little retaliation. And yes, I’m pretty sure thses brothers all go pad and jerk off to their sister’s films. After all, it’s the closest you can legally get to your sister’s twat – visit Bring Me Your Sister to see more hot sister porno.

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amateur teen panties lcm lesbian brunette bnts gnd

Check out this latest adventure from In Femdom! Ariel is an amateur sex brunette beauty who loves to be called Miss, as in “yes Miss” and when she got together for some nice-looking lesbian fun with Laura and Laura forgot to call her Miss, well things got a little interesting. Before Laura could get the word “Miss” out of her mouth it was too late and Ariel had a collar on her quicker than she could refuse. Strapped in to a collar and cuffs Laura was thrown on to the bed where she lay helplessly as Ariel tugged down her bustier and pulled out her knockers. Laura couldn’t help but get moist when Ariel grabbed her nipples and twisted them until it hurt.

The more that Ariel tried to bully her the wetter Laura’s pussy got and while she’d never dare ask for more she thought she’d slip right off the bed when Ariel lifted her legs over her head and started to smack her love bud. Laura’s love tunnel lips were so slick by this time that Ariels hand ended up soaked as well and all Laura could think about was Ariel leaning down just once to munch her juicy pussy.

See more femdom fun at In Femdom!

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I first met Candice Comer at a local club where the coed I was with recognized Candice and asked her to join us. Candice, a cute, soft-bodied, teenager with long blonde hair, nice natural hooters, a cute smile and a first-class round booty, sat next to my friend and the teenagers started chatting. It didn’t take long for the conversation to turn to the subject of “work” and my friend told Candice that she was making amateur sex porno clips for Glass Mannequin and that she was making some decent bling while having a lot of fun and some unblemished sex. Candice started asking questions and within a few days, she was letting a stranger spread her ample ass-cheeks for the camera as he fucked her teenager cunt sloppy.

Candice Comer candicecomer nnts eighteen forgasm, 1tm amateur, blonde gnd booty shaved

Candice Comer Laughs In Nervous Anticipation

Not sure how she felt about fucking a geek like Russ but she appeared to make the best of it and have a good time, despite being obviously nervous. Russ had a bit of a problem himself, appears he has a little trouble getting it hard on camera – but Candice came to the rescue with her fine oral skills, restoring the geek’s ego and ensuring she had a good teenager porno audition, compete with a hard meat to fill her eager and waiting teenager cunt. Downloaded the full movie here: Join Glass Mannequin.

Here are a few screen caps of Candice Comers porno audition.

Candice Comer - First Blowjob On Camera

Candice Comer – First hummer On Camera

As I stated earlier in this post, Candice demonstrated ample oral skills as she gave her first on-camera hummer. Sucking the geeks meat like a pro – a nervous pro, but a pro. But we wanted to see her hooters.  The crew ha been watching her first-class natural breasts bouncing under her blouse as she giggled prior to the shoot – now we all wanted to see those tits – naked and in front of our cameras for the first time. As you can see here, this cute blonde has more than a pretty smile, this honey has boobs! Nice soft natural boobs with silver-dollar areolas topped with pink gum-drop nipples.

Candice Comer - Fingered For The First Time

Candice Comer – Fingered For The First Time

But we wanted to see her cooder too! Her cunt – her cunt her puss, her coochy, her snatch, her cunt her cunt, her muffin, her cooder, her poonnani, her cooder, her cooter, cunt – WE ALL WANTED TO SEE HER CUNT! We all wanted to see her swollen teenager cunt, stuffed with a hard meat for the first time on camera. Candice gets fucked – first hardcore sex on camera – I know these caps don’t do the movie justice. This soft-bodied teenager hammers that meat, moaning loudly and naturally as she ground her round ass against his pelvis, taking every last millimeter of his meat.

Candice Comer - First Hardcore Sex On Camera

Candice Comer – First Hardcore Sex On Camera

Now put her on top, her first-class round ass in the air and show us her puckered little ass hole – for the first time. It was hard to hold the camera still as she pumped up and down on the now almost fully erect dick of the male talent. “For fuck sakes youngster, get the fuck out of my way and let me show you how it’s done, kept running through my mind”… Mostly because I couldn’t help but imagine my own meat hammering her first-class cunt as I reached back and took both of her ample ass-cheeks in my hands, and spread her ass wide. slamming my meat as deep as possible in her dainty ten cunt. But I looked down and she was still fucking the skinny guy….. Damn.

Candice Comer - First Ass-Hole Pic

Candice Comer – First ass-Hole Pic

But no teenager porno audition would ever be complete without the coed having her first real orgasm on camera – in her first movie – Candice Comer is a cummer! The good news is, if the geeky guy with the skinny meat, the bad teeth, and ugly tattoos could make her have such a strong orgasm, Imagine what you could do to her. Join Glass Mannequin to download the full movie.

Candice Comer - First Real Orgasm

Candice Comer – First Real Orgasm

If you enjoyed these film caps of Candice Comer in her teenager porno audition, then Join Glass Mannequin and see every porno movie this cute teenager ever made.

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