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Someone asked me today if “porno sex” was real sex. My quick answer was, “sometimes”. But after thinking about it for a while, I decided a closer look at the subject might be in order so I thought I’d take a few minutes and share my perspective as an older man who is lucky enough to work as male talent in the porno industry.

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Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Anticipation

First, for those of you that don’t know me, I produce adult content for Glass Mannequin Productions’ three amateur sex porno sites, Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me Your Sister. I’m also the primary male talent on these sites. I’ve never worked for any of the giant production companies but I have worked with and or for quiet a number of petite production companies both in the US and in Europe and primarily with amateur sex models. Therefore my perspective is biased towards amateur sex teenagers in amateur sex productions as opposed to a pornstar working in a monstrous production or amateurs working for the “run-em-through then throw them out” production companies that bill their work as “amateur sex” content.

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The Right Amount Of  “Tease” Can Increase The Sexual Tension

So back to the question. Is porno sex real sex? Immediately after being asked this a few specific episodes flashed through my mind. Episodes where the sex was as real and as unequaled as any sex can be – on or off camera. So I thought I’d mention some of the things that make a sexual experience special. Physical admiration, anticipation, chemistry, the tease, smell, foreplay, oral sex, initial insertion, physical compatibility, hygiene, infatuation for limits, technique, duration, playfulness, fantasies, personal preferences, dominance, strength, flexibility, and other minor things like does the bimbo like the taste of semen ;)   But seriously, good sex should be good for both parties. The next thought that entered my mind were those few episodes where the sex was horrible. But let’s not dwell on the negative but instead, take a look at what makes sex “real”, on-set, or off-set.

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A Little Chemistry Can Go A Long Way

Let’s start with chemistry. First and foremost real sex, or at least real good sex, always starts with good chemistry between all the parties involved. This includes the talent, crew and others on set. If people are getting along and are relaxed, you are much more likely to capture at least a few moments of the ever elusive “real sex” on film. Any semi-professional actor/actress can go through the motions and make the shoot look good on tape but it’s those movies where you forget there’s a camera 3 inches from your asshole and just fuck the living shit out of you partner. These are the movies I tend to seek out and add to my collection.

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Let Her Take Charge

Foreplay is NEVER overrated. One of the problems with most porno movies is there’s not much time for foreplay – lucky for us, we break the rules and try to get plenty of touching, fondling and kissing. I find it hilarious that some teenagers are willing to swallow your semen on camera but they refuse to do kissing in a shoot – real sex on-camera, just like real sex off-camera should have at least some kissing. Some of my best porno movies were with chick I was dating at the time or had dated in the past so kissing wasn’t

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Don’t Forget The Foreplay

One thing that all good sex movies have in common is that the “actors” are having fun. If the people in the shoot are having a good time, you can bet the sex is real. Look for the twinkle in a teenagers eye, the spontaneous laugh and the substantial natural smiles. Real fun results in real sex, even in a porno film.

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Make It Fun

Love to devour pussy. The best blowjobs I’ve ever received were all from teenagers that love to suck dick and I’ve developed an opinion on this – if you love something, you’re much more to prone be good at it so it make sense, love to devour pussy! I’ll also let you in on a little secret, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR PARTNER! All the practiced technique in the world won’t do you any good at all if you aren’t receptive to their needs and desires.

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Learn To devour Pussy

Quit worrying what you look like and just have fun. To tell the truth, I don’t even remember how the undies got on my head but the Real Colorado teenagers shoot with Blaze Burnz ranks as some of the best sex I’ve had – EVER! Yes, Blaze and I have unequaled chemistry – so much so that we both forgot the cameras were even there resulting in one of the most intense  simultaneous orgasms I’ve ever had with a woman on camera – yes, porno sex can be real sex!

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Don’t Worry About Looking Silly

So as you can see, porno sex can be real sex – so long as the two actors relax, quit “acting” and just make love. This is the goal of every shoot we set for Glass MannequinReal Colorado Girls and Bring Me Your Sister and it becomes the reality on the vast majority of movies, partly because we try to make sure we have a comfortable environment but mostly because of the wonderful women that work with us.

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Porn Sex Can Be Real Sex

So take a minute to check out the Glass Mannequin members area and I’ll throw in free access to Real Colorado Girls and Glass Mannequin for free.

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Amateur porno Star Kyanna Raves was enjoying a nice day at the mall alone, at less that what she thought. Not knowing that her sexy tight ass was being watch, Kyanna gets in line for a little ice cream. Seeing his chance the dirty old man decides to get a closer look at the Colorado slut. craving to see the sexy floozy unclothed, the pervert offers to pay for the ice cream.  Too see Kyanna Raves sexy day at the mall download full video.

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Kyanna Raves must really like ice cream. It wasn’t long until this dainty brunette was on the nasty mans lap letting him play with her throbbing wet muffin through her silk briefs. To see more of this easy Colorado chick visit Glass mannequin.

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At 4’9 this sexy short slut loves being pick up and fuck hard making her a favorite to see. Kyanna Raves is never shy when it comes to taking a cock, to this easy floozy the rougher the sex the better. To see more of Kyanna Raves visit Real Colorado Girls or Glass Mannequin

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Everyone that’s spent any time at all at Richard Nailder’s place knows that he makes a pretty mean cup of coffee but I guess no one warned Delilah Daze that drinking his coffee would make her booty shake – lucky for her, Richard’s cock was buried deep in her petite teenager coochy when the coffee took it’s full effect. In Delilah’s most recent video published on Glass Mannequin, Delilah stops to have a cup of Jo before work and fucks the old man in his kitchen, letting him sperm in her deep in her wet teenager cunt – all for a ride to work.

The Coffee made My Booty Shake

The Coffee Made Her Booty Shake

Download the free clip, view the free trailer or download and stream the full video.

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Piper Brandy of Glass Mannequin is a froward sperm tramp. This froward little bitch loves to be fucked hard and covered in sperm. The people from Glass Mannequin were able to catch this sexy dark haired get the shit fucked out of her sweet shaved cunt by the old perv who fucks all the tight young coochie on bring me your sister. Wasn’t long till this old perv had the tramp on her knees sucking his fat erection. Piper loves erection!!!!!!! The old man soon has the sperm tramp on all fours fucking her doggie style like the little tramp she is. The slut loves a fat dick in her coochie just as much as any other sexy amateur sex smut star. To see this froward tramp get  fucked and covered in sperm download full video

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Piper Brandy Covered In Cum

You can see more of this nasty sperm slut by streaming free trailer or download full film.

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Kitty Spanks wastes no time when it comes to getting down and dirty. as a matter of fact the short redhead can really take a penis.  As Richard Nailder Fucks the tiny hard bodied mom  she moans in pleasure, but with the look on her face you can tell she is in pain. the old man grabs her leg and starts to pound her little muff hard, and she begins to turn a pretty pink. check out some more sister fucking at Bring Me Your Sister.

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The old pervert quickly flips the short redhead around, and into a doggy style position. He begins to pound her petite cunt hard , as he wraps his hand in her long brown hair. Kitty Spanks lets out short bursts of moans, but the old man keeps fucking the petite tramp harder and harder. download the entire film at Bring Me Your Sister.

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The old man lays the redhead bombshell on her side and grabs her throat. He begins to squeeze as he pounds her beautiful shaved cunt. Kitty Spanks moans in excitement as she is choked and fucked half to death, with a penis thats almost as whopping as the tiny slut herself. Watch an old man fuck this hot young mom at Bring Me Your Sister.

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Colorado amateur sex porno star Anistaija was having a little alone time on the couch , not knowing the perverts at Glass Mannequin had their cameras on her. Anistaija loves having sex with a guy with a giant penis or a sexy ass tramp with a sweet pussy but nothing compares to having some alone time with your own pussy. Being pad alone this petite Mexican Girl is able to pamper her sweet tight cunt till she feels the job is done. Grabbing her blue worm the sexy slut is soon sliding the blue worm in and out of her wet throbbing pussy. You know this pierced tramp is enjoying herself by the moans that escape pass her sweet soft lips. This sexy penis tease knows how to make a solo set sexy as fuck.  To see more of this sexy bitch you can stream free trailer and or download full video

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Anistaija Plays Well With Toys

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Jayda Garcia is a young hot Mexican Girl that takes pride in her appearance and body.Teasing the camera man with her pretty brown eyes; this sexy teen knows how to drive a man wild.When the door is close this brunette turns from a sweet heart into a froward teen. To see more Jayda Garcia Join Glass Mannequin or see her gallery and more models at papasfreeporn.com

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Jayda Garcia

With Jaydas pink cunt wet from the blue vibrator this little tease lies on her back to enjoy the vibration between her soft tight cunt lips.To see Jayda Garcia get real wet for the camera or to see other models Join Glass Mannequin

With a blue toy

With a blue toy

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Kinky short floozy Lianna White likes it rough. With her tiny titties and round ass, Lianna White makes a superb candidate for  getting a pecker hard, quickly. The soft bodied shorty  takes it like a champ as the old pervert ties her down, and fucks her hard. With moans of pleasure coming from both parties, it isn’t hard to tell they are enjoying each other. The full film can be found on Glass Mannequin.

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As Lianna Whites tiny perky titties bounce up and down the old man pumps away at her shaved pussy. When the old pervert begins to  deliver long hard blows the short slut lets out moans of pleasure, and pleasurable pain. You can see the excitement in the flaxen sluts eyes as the old man brings her to almost climax, then backs off. See the full film at Glass Mannequin.

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With her hands tied, and no control over the current situation, the short blonde is getting plowed hard by the old mans good-sized pecker. Loud moans of pleasure and pain only excite the old fucker even more. The louder the teen screams, the harder the old man fucks her shaved cunt. See Lianna White and her friends on Glass Mannequin.

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The old man decides he wants a closer look at Lianna whites perky teenager hooters. Well, what better way than a good old fashion titty fuck. Lianna White  smiles with excitement as her fuck buddy climbs on to her stomach and rubs his good-sized pecker all over her tiny titties. Then he goes in to finish up with her tiny pussy. View the full trailer at Glass Mannequin 

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Delilah Daze needed a ride to work one afternoon and decide to stop by the neighbors house to trade pussy for a ride. When she arrived, she interrupted the old man while he was making his coffee, getting ready to start his day. The old man just couldn’t control himself around this teenage sluts’ tight round butt, perky knockers, and immaculate olive skin and was soon overcome by her presence. This dirty little hoe road his dick like there was no tomorrow.

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The old man moved to the table to fill his hands with Delilahs’ soft phat butt. She bounced her butt up and down on the old mans dick while he plaid with the sluts itty bitty titties.

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She then gets bent over the kitchen table and nailed from behind. Curling her toes and screaming, this dirty little bimbo cant get enough of the old fuckers’ dick. View the free trailer.

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Having had her coffee and creampie, Delilah Daze earned her ride to work – and since she paid with pussy, she figured she deserved it.

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Real homemade sex films of local teenage teens – brought to you by the perverts at Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me your Sister.

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Real Colorado Girls Thena Sky, Alison Rapture and Abigail blower love getting the chance at having some much needed teenager time. While having teenager talk amateur sex smut star Alison Rapture asked “have any of you ever been eaten out while smoking a cigarette?” Abigail Blower being new to the smut video admits no…she hasn’t.

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Smoking babes

Well that was quick to change… Alison was soon face deep in Abigail’s nice shaved muffy tasting her sweet juices, with Thena Sky waiting for her turn with the sexy little sandy. Stream and download full vid.

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It’s Thena Sky turn to devour Abigails muffy as Alison Rapture grabs the sex sex-toy and fucks the shit out of Thena’s nice pink muffy.Not only is Abigail new to getting her cunt munched while smoking a cigarette, but this Colorado bitch has never had a all teenager threesome. To see what happens on this all teenager three-some download full movie

Girls Fucking

Girl Will Do Girls

To see these Real Colorado teens have mischievous teenager time download full video

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