Posted on 09-06-2013
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Some girls spunk from clitaral stimulation, some from g-spot stimulation, some from anal stimulation and some spunk when the blowjob of their cervix is stimulated by a sex-toy or a schlong of sufficient size to bump the cervix in it’s fully retracted “excited” position. For those of you that don’t know, the cervix retracts allowing room for the schlong when a woman is sexually stimulated but we can save the anatomy class for later). Anyway, Alison Rapture, as shown in this small vid clip, is very capable of having deep vaginal orgasms if she’s treated to a erection giant enough to bump the sensitive blowjob of her cervix as she’s being fucked. Watch the tendons in her neck as she holds her breath, arched her back and cums from the repeated bumping of the long thick erection deep in the back of her twat. Every muscle in her body tightens as she climaxes from the cervical stimulation provided by the man-sized schlong of her friend – now imagine it’s your erection burred deep in Alison’s pink teenager pussy as these same muscle contractions happen inside her twat – squeezing your erection like a glove as the skinny pierced girl climaxes on your erection – now download the full HQ vid here and see house many different ways Alison Rapture can reach an orgasm. Only on Glass Mannequin – real girls, real orgasms.

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And yes – Alison moaned so loud as she reached orgasm that my 12-week old puppy decided to “howl” with her and had to be removed to her kennel outside ;)

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