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I first met Jayda two weeks after her 18th birthday when she stopped by my abode to pick up her girlfriend from from a photo set. We weren’t quite finished so she sat and watched I finished the amateur sex photo set of her teenage girlfriend, Anistaija. This was Anistaija’s third photo set so she was starting to get comfortable buy Jayda was a little shocked to see her girlfriend with her legs spread wide open and exposed to the camera. Secretly I think it turned her on a bit. Jayda went on to explain that besides her two high school boyfriends, no one outside her family and a few girlfriends had ever seen her coochy. Now she had my attention…..  For some reason I get really turned on by a true amateur sex teen and exposing them for the world to see is my life.

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To make a long story small, Jayda was so intrigued watching Anistaija spread her teen cooder for the camera that she asked If she could come with her girlfriend on her next set. Of course I said yes and told her to bring her ID just in case – she giggled and said she might. Well as things turned out, she did show up again and did her first lesbian set that night. Imagine how I felt watching her girlfriend munching her smooth teen  cooder as it was exposed to the world for the first time. These pictures were shot the next week in the mountains behind her abode and were the very first time that this sexy amateur sex exposed her little tits and tight teen cooder to the superlative outdoors.

Exposed Teen

Exposed Teen

It was also Jayda’s first real solo-teen photo set. I perched myself on an outcropping just up the hill from her and told her to have fun. The people on the highway below us could look up and see her perched naked on her rock and a few even honked but there was nowhere close to stop so all they got was a quick glimpse of her firm round butt and her perky teen tits. She was a little embarrassed at first just like most amateur sex teenagers but she soon got over it and was spreading her butt cheeks and exposing her sweet teen cunt for the world to see.

Firm Teen Ass

Firm teen Ass

One of the reasons I chose Jayda for the header picture on this blog is because she exemplifies everything there is about amateur sex teenagers. She’s shy, cute, bubbly and a tad bit misbehaving. She also smells good but you’ll have to take my word for that. Anyway, when I started this set, I had no idea that Jayda would get as misbehaving as she did – spreading her butt cheeks and fingering her teen cooder till she came in little uncontrollable spasms – her calve muscled quivering and a few drops of sperm dripping from her exposed cooder. I about shot my own load watching her masturbate – it was fuckin HOT!

Exposed Teen Pussy

Exposed teen Pussy

So, if you would like to see more of Jayda, you can check out all of her amateur sex teen pictures and movies on my website Glass Mannequin and also be sure to bookmark this page because I’m sure I’ll be posting many more unclad pictures of this sexy teen.


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