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I first met Candice Comer at a local club where the coed I was with recognized Candice and asked her to join us. Candice, a cute, soft-bodied, teenager with long blonde hair, nice natural hooters, a cute smile and a first-class round booty, sat next to my friend and the teenagers started chatting. It didn’t take long for the conversation to turn to the subject of “work” and my friend told Candice that she was making amateur sex porno clips for Glass Mannequin and that she was making some decent bling while having a lot of fun and some unblemished sex. Candice started asking questions and within a few days, she was letting a stranger spread her ample ass-cheeks for the camera as he fucked her teenager cunt sloppy.

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Candice Comer Laughs In Nervous Anticipation

Not sure how she felt about fucking a geek like Russ but she appeared to make the best of it and have a good time, despite being obviously nervous. Russ had a bit of a problem himself, appears he has a little trouble getting it hard on camera – but Candice came to the rescue with her fine oral skills, restoring the geek’s ego and ensuring she had a good teenager porno audition, compete with a hard meat to fill her eager and waiting teenager cunt. Downloaded the full movie here: Join Glass Mannequin.

Here are a few screen caps of Candice Comers porno audition.

Candice Comer - First Blowjob On Camera

Candice Comer – First hummer On Camera

As I stated earlier in this post, Candice demonstrated ample oral skills as she gave her first on-camera hummer. Sucking the geeks meat like a pro – a nervous pro, but a pro. But we wanted to see her hooters.  The crew ha been watching her first-class natural breasts bouncing under her blouse as she giggled prior to the shoot – now we all wanted to see those tits – naked and in front of our cameras for the first time. As you can see here, this cute blonde has more than a pretty smile, this honey has boobs! Nice soft natural boobs with silver-dollar areolas topped with pink gum-drop nipples.

Candice Comer - Fingered For The First Time

Candice Comer – Fingered For The First Time

But we wanted to see her cooder too! Her cunt – her cunt her puss, her coochy, her snatch, her cunt her cunt, her muffin, her cooder, her poonnani, her cooder, her cooter, cunt – WE ALL WANTED TO SEE HER CUNT! We all wanted to see her swollen teenager cunt, stuffed with a hard meat for the first time on camera. Candice gets fucked – first hardcore sex on camera – I know these caps don’t do the movie justice. This soft-bodied teenager hammers that meat, moaning loudly and naturally as she ground her round ass against his pelvis, taking every last millimeter of his meat.

Candice Comer - First Hardcore Sex On Camera

Candice Comer – First Hardcore Sex On Camera

Now put her on top, her first-class round ass in the air and show us her puckered little ass hole – for the first time. It was hard to hold the camera still as she pumped up and down on the now almost fully erect dick of the male talent. “For fuck sakes youngster, get the fuck out of my way and let me show you how it’s done, kept running through my mind”… Mostly because I couldn’t help but imagine my own meat hammering her first-class cunt as I reached back and took both of her ample ass-cheeks in my hands, and spread her ass wide. slamming my meat as deep as possible in her dainty ten cunt. But I looked down and she was still fucking the skinny guy….. Damn.

Candice Comer - First Ass-Hole Pic

Candice Comer – First ass-Hole Pic

But no teenager porno audition would ever be complete without the coed having her first real orgasm on camera – in her first movie – Candice Comer is a cummer! The good news is, if the geeky guy with the skinny meat, the bad teeth, and ugly tattoos could make her have such a strong orgasm, Imagine what you could do to her. Join Glass Mannequin to download the full movie.

Candice Comer - First Real Orgasm

Candice Comer – First Real Orgasm

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