Posted on 25-06-2011
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Shaye Baxter had no idea that she would get her little coed pussy stretched by a dirty old man when she ventured through the woods that day. Little did the skinny teen from Colorado  know when she walked up on the old man’s campsite that her cute coed booty was in for not only a good fuck, but her first amateur sex smut shoot to be hosted on Real Colorado Girls. There are scarier things in the woods besides Sasquatches, like dirty old perverts running around nude and this dwarf amateur sex learned this lesson the hard way.

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Shaye Has Gotten Herself In Trouble Now

With Shaye being as skinny as she is at 5? 2? tall and all of 100lbs you could practically hear her ribs cracking as she slid down on a the old man’s over-sized boner with her cute coed pussy for the first time (see it all on Real Colorado Girls). After a few minutes she didn’t seem to mind the camera at all as she began pounding away at Richard Nailder’s boner like a sex-crazed maniac. For a young eighteen year old coed cunt, she took to riding a over-sized boner like an absolute champ while rubbing her pointy little  titties in the old man’s face.

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Sliding Down On A over-sized Cock

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