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FaithVega amateur teen Latina brunette tattooed pierced pufp plts gnd xxx girlfriend gfI live to film teen sluts getting fucked and Faith Vega has a super clean teen pussy so I jumped at the chance to film Faith getting laid by her friend Demon. Lucky prick got to ram Faith’s tight Mexican Girl muff pretty hard while all I got to do was sit there and take pics. I offered to help but she figured fucking an old mad wouldn’t be a much fun as fucking a tattooed and pierced thug like Demon.

Anyway it was Christmas Eve in Colorado Springs and this young couple wanted a little extra coin for Christmas so they showed up at my door ready to make a little amateur sex smut. We setup the basement bedroom and Faith started by sucking Demon’s cock until he got good and hard then he took a turn on her by running his pierced tongue deep into her tight Mexican Girl cunt. She moaned in pleasure as he worked his tongue studs over her clit and back into her sweet teen cunt. This dirty fucker knew how to please a chick and she was soon squirming on the bed as he licked her muff. Now I like to see oral sex as much as the next guy but what I wanted to see now was a hard penis busting a tight teen muff wide open.

Throwing his Latina teen slut back on the bed, Demon got right to the job of fucking her – she was plenty wet as he rammed his rock-hard penis deep into her wet cunt. Fuck me you prick, she moaned and he rammed her deeper and deeper. The sound of his balls slapping against her ass, was nearly drowned out by her constant moaning. The little whore liked to be fucked hard – and Demon was up to the task – ramming her tight muff from behind dogie style the flipping her over and giving the camera a grand view of his hard penis hammering her now sloppy-wet teen cunt. Fuck, I was getting wood just watching the sex show – so hard that I almost forgot to keep taking pics.

Quit your fuckin whimpering – I kept taking pics, hell, I wanted to jerk off to these naughty amateur sex smut pics later on and I was sure as hell not going to miss taking pics of this super hot teen sex action. When I thought faith could take no more of Demons, penis-pounding, he rolled her over and shot a monstrous load of hot sperm all over her side. Looking down, I saw that I has shot just over 200 hardcore pics of this tattooed freak fucking Faith’s Mexican Girl cunt. I smiled, I had plenty of “jerk-off material” for later on.

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