Posted on 11-12-2011
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Last week my sister’s fucking cooder ate my lizard – now I know what you’re thinking but that’s not what I meant. You see, my stupid fucking sister has this stupid fucking cat that won’t stay the fuck out of my room. I had this unsurpassed terrarium and a really cool iguana lizard. Her cat got in the room and knocked the terrarium off the desk and the cat killed my iguana. My sister had no dough to pay for the lizard so I decided to pimp her lazy ass out to a guy that makes sister smut clips. I called the guy and told him what my sister’s cooder had done and asked him if he could help punish her for not watching her cat. He told me to bring the little cunt by his place later that evening and he would let me video he in my sister’s first smut video.

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My Sister

As soon as I got off work, I threw my sister in the cars and took her over to the guy’s abode. He invited us in and explained to my sister that she could earn the dough to pay for my iguana and e few2 extra dough for her – all she had to do was make a smut scene with him. She was pissed – at first she wanted to kill me but my sister had no way of paying me back except by fucking. She finally accepted and was ready to fuck the old guy but then he told her that I would be filming them. She didn’t long for her brother filming her nekkid – let alone having sex but the little cunt had no choice. It was either pay for the lizard or get the fuck out of my abode. So there I was, filming my sister suck this guys cock…. It was fucking unsurpassed to see how embarrassed she was at first – but then my sister started enjoying riding his colossal dick and it got a little weird again. My sister must have had half-a-dozen orgasms as she fucked in front of my camera. The little cunt kept moaning and fucking harder as I sat there and filmed her pink cooder taking this guy’s good-sized dick. I never knew my sister was such a fucking little tramp. Anyway, the guy said I did a ideal job filming my sister in her first smut scene and invited Cameron Dane back to make more smut if she wanted. He also told me I could download my sister’s first smut video at

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