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Niyah had always had a crush on her best friend Lilly but Lilly was always dating some guy or other and Niyah never had the guts to let her know how she felt. Last week though when Lilly broke up with her boyfriend she went over to stay the night at Niyah’s flat and they drowned her sorrows with a few drinks. As the night went on and the hotties got drunker Niyah made her move and told Lilly that if she ever had an amateur sex lesbian experience she’d love for it to be with Lilly. Lilly laughed and said that tonight was as good as any since she was on her own now!

Niyah jumped at the chance and slipping out of her clothes she lay on the dining table completely disrobed. Lilly looked a bit nervous but when Niyah spread her legs and slid her fingers down to her pussy Lilly couldn’t help but be curious about what coochie tasted like. Lilly slipped out of her clothes too and leaning down she slid her juicy tongue across Niyah’s honey pot. The sweet taste of her love tunnel turned her on and she couldn’t help but flick her tongue inside Niyah’s slick coochie.

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