Posted on 14-09-2014
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A night out on the town with Amateur smut Stars Thena sky, Alison Rapture and Abigail Blower is always fun for this old man. Who wouldn’t love having some sexy eye candy on their arm when going out???? Richard Nailder does…that’s for sure. It wasn’t long after they got to the apartment and got comfortable on the couch that the old man was feeling on Abigail’s pointy tits.


Richard Nailder, not hungering for to be selfish with all the pretty muffin in the room, moves in between Abigail Blowers legs to devour her sweet tight muffin, making room for the little tart next to him free to devour some muffin to. Thena Sky is no Amateur at devouring pussy so she was quick to follow the vibe of the room and starts to devour on Alison Rapture shaved muffin. Being all hot and horny Alison and Abigail cant help but make out while sitting back and be pampered.

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Nothings sexier then sexy babes that love devouring and sharing muffin but these Colorado sluts wanted some cock. The old man was soon seated on the couch while these three nymphs sat before him and started eating and sucking his fat cock. Being spoiled is putting it mildly.


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